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I Saw Will Wood and the Tapeworms and All I Got Was a Totally Life Changing Experience

Really quick, for any of you reading this right now that have seen Will Wood and the Tapeworms perform live before, holy fuck, right?  If you know already, there’s not much else to say besides that.  The rest of you are seriously missing out. But that’s okay.  I’m here to help.

Will Wood and the Tapeworms have truly mastered the art of the live performance.   They have an incredibly theatrical approach to the stage, wearing flamboyant outfits and face paint. Almost all of the band members seem to have adopted on-stage personas that are caricatures of themselves.  I’m assuming that these guys can’t be as jacked up and dialed in 24/7 as they are during performances, unless they’re doing all the cocaine.  Like, ALL the cocaine.