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Racket Radio EP 04 with Neil Sabatino and Adam Bird

Joining us for Episode 4 of Racket Radio are Neil Sabatino and Adam Bird to try to justify their terrible opinions on Star Wars: The Last Jedi and also chat a bit about some local indie music, their opinions on which I have much more respect for.  For those that don’t already know, Neil is the owner of Mint 400 Records as well as the singer and guitarist of the band Fairmont and Adam is the lead singer/songwriter/guitarist/keyboardist/a bunch of other things in his new project A Bird.

Alpha Buddha Coldplay and Sean Paul

When you search Alpha Buddha on google, the first thing that comes up is that old viral video of the 16 year old kid who threw that crazy party in Australia and refused to take off his sunglasses. Since watching that interview I’ve always wondered what being at that party would have been like.  What crazy Australians Drugs would I have accidentally taken in, how WhAcKy they would have made me feel?  Keep in mind, this party happened in 2008, which was a time when Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” ranked higher on the Billboard charts than Colbie Caillat’s “Bubbly.” People were clearly all sorts of fucked up, especially in Australia. I guess it makes sense, because listening to math rock can get you really fucked up from the sporadic time changes, the twinkles, the tapping, the twinkles, and the ambient vocals. So lets just take off our sunglasses and talk about Alpha Buddha‘s latest EP, Surf Brain.

Junkanoo’s Mother Nasty is Certified Funky Fresh

You know what nobody wants?  More albums that sound just like everything else.  Oh, you’re revisiting Dookie-era Green Day?  It’s weird nobody else has ever thought to do that.  Instead, you know what everybody wants?  An album that’s so goddamn fresh there’s nothing else that sounds even remotely like it.  And that is exactly what we got with the new Junkanoo EP Mother NastyThis album is so goddamn fresh it’s locally-sourced, free-range, organic, gluten free, GMO free, and never frozen, just the way good music should be.

Racket Radio EP 03 with Paul Brushaber and Joey Papa

Racket Radio is back again with more sweet rockin’ riffs and nonsensical babbling from some of your favorite local artists.  This week, our guests are Jean Pool bassist Paul Brushaber and Electric Sensei drummer Joey Papa, and I know what you’re thinking, “a bassist and drummer?  It’s only episode 3!”  But Paul and Joey not only happen to be two of the most creative people in the scene, but also are two of the most fun and chill people you could have the fortune of speaking with.  And as an extra special treat, you can come out to Stosh’s in Fairlawn on Friday, February 16 and see Electric Sensei perform with Paul filling in on bass.

In our episode today I talk with Paul and Joey about Paul’s first time crowd surfing, the advantages of having multiple Instagram accounts, why having only one ear plug is useless, and why you should never bring a samurai sword out on a boat in October.  

American Lions’ Serf Rock is Fit for Kings

It’s pretty common for a band to find their sound and just exist within that niche.  You do something well and you keep doing it.  Play it safe and the fans know what to expect with each album that comes out.  No surprises, no disappointments.  But it takes a certain boldness for an artist to venture outside their wheelhouse and try something new and to allow their music to naturally grow and evolve.  With their new album, Serf Rock, New Brunswick’s American Lions demonstrates that exact boldness. 

You Will Not Not Dig the Double Negatives

If you’re already a fan of the Double Negatives, you’re going to dig their new singles, “My Sun is Setting” and “Commas,” and if you’re new to these guys…well, I’m pretty sure you’re still going to dig them all the same. The five-piece band from Long Beach Island plays with mood and tempo, crafting a specific response in the listener. On this single, that response is something along the lines of “THE WORLD IS SO BLEAK AND I HAVE SO MANY REGRETS”…but, like, in a good way, you know?  It’s cool.  I’ll explain more.