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Hollow-Eyed Preaches The Gospel According to Spiders

Before I played music or knew anyone in the New Jersey music scene I knew who Nick Jorgensen was because his younger brother was one of my closet friends in high school. (fuck you Evan).  Anyways one day I was hanging out at Garret Mountain in Paterson and I accidentally found a geocaching box in between some rocks. When I opened the box I found this little print out of some bands bandcamp and for some reason I had a feeling that it was Nick’s band. When I got home I searched Hollow-Eyed on the ol’ Internet, and sure enough it was Nick Jorgensen’s band.  Of course, now I know them all, so I can it’s also Ryan Treppedi, Nick Sudol, and Dan Nagano-Gerace’s band. So here we are 3 years later and I want to tell you all that their new-ish Album The Gospel According to Spiders rips!

Catch and Release by Cicada Radio is a Keeper

Its commonplace in this scene to have no concept of anything that’s happened more than three months prior to current day.  Everyone’s focused on what’s new and what’s changed.  What bands have broken up and what new bands will come out of the ashes.  Jersey City’s Cicada Radio is a band that has been shaping and defining the local scene for eight years now.  Such a span of time seems conventionally unobtainable, but Cicada Radio proves not only that it can be done, but with their upcoming EP Catch and Release due out June 15 on Killing Horse Records, they prove that it can be done well.

Settle In Decay with Good Looking Friends

 I had a meeting at work yesterday afternoon.  Before the meeting started, my boss looks at me and asks, “Adam, you okay?”  Existential Crises aside, I figure I’m doing about as well as I could expect to.  “I’m fine,” I assure him.  “Oh, okay.  You just looked upset is all.”  No – I’m not upset.  But all day I have been listening to Settle In, Decay by the Brooklyn-based band Good Looking Friends.  And maybe listening to this album isn’t good for my depression, but if I took all my therapist’s advice I probably wouldn’t still be needing therapy.  Settle In, Decay hurts so good and you should let it hurt you too.urprisin

Look At My Records! Celebrates 50 Episodes

Last April saw the launch of one of the very best podcast series in New Jersey indie rock.  No, it’s not Racket Radio, I said it’s a good podcast.  Look At My Records! is the brainchild of Jersey City’s Tom Gallo, a long-time participant and fan of the scene.  Tom’s been working his ass off on this podcast series and has featured a ton of great local guests and has promoted the music of so many more on a weekly basis.  This Friday night at The Footlight in Queens, Tom will be celebrating the 50th episode of Look At My Records! with a show featuring local favorites Hard Nips, Atlas Engine, Morus Alba, and Milkmen.  Last week I got to catch up with Tom and chat with him about the podcast and the show.  Check out what he had to say below.

LKFFCT Gets Spicy with Cayenne

Album reviews are at times difficult to write for a number of different reasons.  One reason is that when music is good, it tends to not be so easily defined or explained.  Shitty music is derivative of something else and can be summed up by saying its shoegaze, or pop-punk, or metal, or better yet, it sounds like The Smiths or “is influenced by” Radiohead.  Of course, that’s a diminutive point of view that good, truly original music cannot be lumped in with.  Another instance is when a piece of music transcends being just music and instead represents something larger than itself.  The bad news for me is that both of these things are true for LKFFCT‘s latest EP, Cayenne, released back in April.  The good news for you is that its got some fucking bangers.

Hyperbolic Jazzmo on The Planet You

Out of Montclair, The Planet You describes their music as “hyperbolic jazzmo,” and their eponymous LP comes across as the love child of free jazz and post-punk. With a fresh, improvised feel and clever track titles like “yloponoM” and “Posilutely,” this is clearly a band that loves what they do and would never think of making music as work.