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Racket Radio EP 01 with Sniffling Indie Kids

We have some very special guests joining us for the first ever installment of N.J. Racket‘s Racket Radio podcast series.  Sniffling Indie Kids is one of the most influential labels in the New Jersey independent music landscape and the three owners, Frank DeFranco, Eric Goldberg, and Joe Lanza are some of the most passionate and knowledgeable people that I’ve had the privilege to know.

In this episode, Frank, Eric, and Joe talk us through the inception of the label, going back to the creation of the Tiny Giant Artist Collective, through meeting Neil Sabatino of Mint 400 Records, starting the North Jersey Indie Rock Festival, and their plans for the future.

Rocky and the Chapter: They’re Not Supposed to Care About Us

You guys, Rocky and the Chapter are back AGAIN with their fourth release since this time last year, “They’re Not Supposed to Care About Us.” These guys are out of control, but that’s great news for the rest of us, since it means we get more kick-ass EPs like this one, released September 29th from Sniffling Indie Kids.

Right away, “Dream It” slams to life, strong and hard on the guitars, the vocals matching their force. Then, a softer side of the EP, “Give” is a bittersweet, melodic track that perfectly demonstrates Rocky and the Chapter’s ability to be vulnerable and powerful at the same time. “What do you say when you’re helpless and the world stands still to wait?” Catanese asks. “It’s taken everything I’ve made as I fall to earth, and try to raise.”

Sniffling Indie Kids Announce North Jersey Indie Rock Fest Lineup

The time has come to announce the first group of bands for The North Jersey Indie Rock Festival set for September 23 at Cathedral Hall in Jersey City.  We have already given you the two sponsors for the event, Jonathan LeVine Projects and, your’s truly, N.J. Racket.  Now, we present the lineup of bands from, festival co-founder, Sniffling Indie Kids:

Exclusive Single Premiere: “Overthinking” by Rocky and the Chapter

It is an honor to bring you all this single and B-side fresh from Rocky and the Chapter, released courtesy of Sniffling Indie Kids.  “Overthinking,” the A-side of the single, was originally written and recorded during the Aye sessions, while the B-side, “Contractor,” is a Lamb of God cover that frontman Rocky Catanese wrote while he was working as a roadie on tour with the band.

Local Favorites Share the Brighton Stage with Hot Rod Circuit

So, the warm summer weather we’ve all been waiting for finally arrived last week, and we were blessed with a few 90 degree days.  But, with the good comes the bad, and that can only mean Garden State Parkway summer, rush hour traffic.  Sitting in that clusterfuck from Montclair all the way down to Long Branch doesn’t sound like the ideal way to spend a Thursday evening, but when at one end is a show at the Brighton Bar featuring Toy Cars, Rocky and the Chapter, and – are you shitting me? – Hot Rod Circuit, you can bet I’ll be hauling ass at a blazing 7mph for the entire 60 miles.  Don’t worry; I made it with plenty of time to spare.

“You Are Not Mine” is Just for You from Rocky and the Chapter

Rocky and the Chapter are back at it with the release of their newest EP, You Are Not Mine, which was released February 24 on Sniffling Indie Kids.  This EP is a follow up to the 2016 release, Aye, which was one of my favorites of the year, and You Are Not Mine exemplifies everything that attracted me to the band initially.  The New Brunswick five-piece, led by Rocky Catanese, will be celebrating at Porta in Jersey City on Saturday, March 4 with a special release show also featuring NGHTCRWLRS and Cicada Radio.