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Sniffling Indie Kids Announce North Jersey Indie Rock Fest Lineup

The time has come to announce the first group of bands for The North Jersey Indie Rock Festival set for September 23 at Cathedral Hall in Jersey City.  We have already given you the two sponsors for the event, Jonathan LeVine Projects and, your’s truly, N.J. Racket.  Now, we present the lineup of bands from, festival co-founder, Sniffling Indie Kids:

Quality Living’s New Single “Oh No” Will Make You Say “Oh Yes”

Pretty sure everyone could do with a sweet-sounding, summery song to make your problems feel small and far away. Luckily for all of us, Quality Living has released just the thing.  The new single, “Oh No,” released on Sniffling Indie Kids, is a catchy, toe-tappin’ indie track. With its gently syncopated beat, this shoegazy tune offers dreamy lyrics over some flashy guitar and keyboard. The infectious chorus that will stay in your head for days builds to a crescendo in the more raucous bridge before dropping you softly back on the ground with a couple last licks from the keyboard.