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“Have a Great Summer” Should Go Hide for the Winter

A few months ago, John Cozz of John Cozz and the Squirts released his latest EP, titled Have a Great Summeror HAGS if you have so little time for him that you can’t even say three whole words and an indefinite article. In the most narcissistic move since naming the band after himself and calling the other guys “Squirt 1 & 2,”  Cozz, felt the need to venture into the realm of multimedia with a film release, a film in which even less people asked for than Transformers: Last Knight (Yes, the fifth one.  No, I didn’t realize they made five until just now either).

Yet, to his credit, there was one single line from the movie that really resonated with me.  “Who the fuck do you think you are, John Cozz?”