Mint 400 Records Announce North Jersey Indie Fest Lineup

N.J. Racket is thrilled to present the second installment of the North Jersey Indie Rock Festival Lineup Announcement.  Last week, we released the full lineup of artists from festival co-founder, Sniffling Indie Kids, which consisted of Adam and the Plants, Delicate Flowers, LKFFCT, Quality Living, Rocky and the Chapter, Shred Flintstone, and Spowder.  Now, we present the lineup from the remaining festival co-founder, Mint 400 Records.


Moneypenny Releases Debut EP “Bless Your (Demon) Heart”

Last week, Brooklyn singer/ songwriter Jen Florence, under the moniker of Moneypenny, released her fantastic debut solo EP titled Bless Your (Demon) Heart, recorded at Stangeweather Studios.

This is a polished, moody three-track EP that is perfect for some sad-times groovin’. With dolorous guitars and ominous synth, Moneypenny crafts an ethereal sound that sweeps the listener along easily with pulsing certainty.  


Sniffling Indie Kids Announce North Jersey Indie Rock Fest Lineup

The time has come to announce the first group of bands for The North Jersey Indie Rock Festival set for September 23 at Cathedral Hall in Jersey City.  We have already given you the two sponsors for the event, Jonathan LeVine Projects and, your’s truly, N.J. Racket.  Now, we present the lineup of bands from, festival co-founder, Sniffling Indie Kids:


Modern Chemistry’s “Everything In Gold” is a Masterpiece

This is the second review of Modern Chemistry I’ve written in the last year. I’ll be the first to tell you I know next to nothing about music (and not much more about anything else), but I do some woodworking in my spare time so I can appreciate genuine craftsmanship and artistry and those two qualities epitomize Modern Chemistry’s new album, Everything in Gold.”

The day this album released, I couldn’t get my headphones in fast enough. I listened to ‘Everything in Gold’ beginning to end twice through that first day and continue to be impressed as I listen to the album. The tone of the band remains the same yet the sound has evolved.


State Champion Records Has Arrived

State Champion Records celebrated their label’s launch with a show at WFMU’s Monty Hall on July 9, and goddamn do they know how to throw a party!  The show featured a stacked lineup of local favorites Spowder, Snakeskin, and Decoration.  State Champion Records has only been in existence since April of this year,  and they’ve wasted absolutely no time making a major impact on the local scene.


steve. gets Drunk @ Brunch

How much can be said about a four-track, seven-minute EP?  I’m not sure, so let’s find out!  Not long ago, New Brunswick punk emo trio steve. released a new EP titled Drunk @ Brunch as a follow-up to their 2016 EP release, Boo-Shemi.  As in steve. Boo-Shemi.  As in Steve Buscemi.  Are you following along?  Please try to keep up.

Drunk @ Brunch does everything it needs to, despite being only seven minutes long.  The riffs are infectious.  The vocals are catchy and succinct enough to be sang along to.   steve. brings an energy that will get you up and dancing.  You’re something less than human if you can listen to these tunes without bopping your head and at least giving it a little sway, especially for “(Breakfast on) Gerard” with the hard upbeats and loose jangling guitar.  The album artwork itself is perfect for encapsulating the type of chaotic energy of this album.  It’s that type of “fuck it, we’ll clean that up in the morning” carefree.  Although, I’m guessing, since this is Drunk @ Brunch, it’s already the morning.

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