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Catch and Release by Cicada Radio is a Keeper

// Music, Review // May 25, 2018 // Adam

Its commonplace in this scene to have no concept of anything that’s happened more than three months prior to current day.  Everyone’s focused on what’s new and what’s changed.  What bands have broken up and what new bands will come out of the ashes.  Jersey City’s Cicada Radio is a band that has been shaping and defining the local scene for eight years now.  Such a span of time seems conventionally unobtainable, but Cicada Radio proves not only that it can be done, but with their upcoming EP Catch and Release due out June 15 on Killing Horse Records, they prove that it can be done well.

Throughout their previous releases, Cicada Radio has established a distinct sound that teeters between shoegaze and hard rock without ever succumbing to the cliches of either genre.  Kinetic guitar riffs create an upbeat energy while the reverb drenched vocals allow for some listener introspection in the apparent echoing isolation chamber.  And yet, while the ethos of Cicada Radio remains all these years later, the band’s growth is still clearly apparent with a tighter and smoother sound, also to be partially attributed to engineering by Brian Hopkins and mastering by Skylar Ross Studios.

To date, only the single “Hex Hex Hex” has been made public, but the first few seconds of the track are more than sufficient to know that brothers Michael and Pat Keefe have once again brought their A-game on this EP.  The chorus will have you singing (or screaming) along “There will be still be songs to sing/ And every one’s for youuuuuuuuuuuu” on repeat for days – or at least until you get to hear the other four tracks.

Cicada Radio will be playing their release show at The Pet Shop  in Jersey City on June 14 with Hot Blood.  Come check it out for what is sure to be an excellent time and also be on the look out for Catch and Release to drop on June 15.

Written by Adam

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