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Alpha Buddha Coldplay and Sean Paul

// Music, Review // February 19, 2018 // Cozz

When you search Alpha Buddha on google, the first thing that comes up is that old viral video of the 16 year old kid who threw that crazy party in Australia and refused to take off his sunglasses. Since watching that interview I’ve always wondered what being at that party would have been like.  What crazy Australians Drugs would I have accidentally taken in, how WhAcKy they would have made me feel?  Keep in mind, this party happened in 2008, which was a time when Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” ranked higher on the Billboard charts than Colbie Caillat’s “Bubbly.” People were clearly all sorts of fucked up, especially in Australia. I guess it makes sense, because listening to math rock can get you really fucked up from the sporadic time changes, the twinkles, the tapping, the twinkles, and the ambient vocals. So lets just take off our sunglasses and talk about Alpha Buddha‘s latest EP, Surf Brain.

First and foremost, I should let all you beautiful internet people, I know about Alpha Buddha’s Jack Walbridge personally, in person. Jack can be found providing the low ends for the classic punk band (is that a genre now?) Kult of Mary. Most recently Jack has began to share his talent in Shred Flintstone, HE EVEN TOOK MY SPOT AS THE SEMI-PERMANENT BASS PLAYER!!  With that being said, both of those bands have made a name for themselves in the North Jersey scene, and are extremely lucky to have someone as talented as Jack in their bands. I should also mention that Jack and I are coworkers, at Java Love, a coffee shop located in Montclair. When we’re not too busy (which is rare), we sometimes play this guitar that is kept in the shop, and by play guitar, I mean that I watch Jack as he demonstrates the flawless and intricate technique that can be found throughout this EP.

Within the first 5 seconds of this record you are hit with more guitar shredding than you can handle, which is saying something because the first two seconds are just drum clicks, so he really does it with only three seconds. DOES ANY OF THIS MAKE SENSE? NO? ISN’T THAT HOW MATH ROCK IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE YOU FEEL? By the end of the first song, “Hats with Brims,” the mood for the rest of the EP has been set. These four songs have very minimal, ambient lyrics and what isn’t said through the vocals is being shouted through the instruments. I think the most impressive thing about Surf Brain and Alpha Buddha in general is how much is being created as a two-piece. Personally, I think it’s really hard for a two piece band to pull it off, but luckily for them (and us) Alpha Buddha can make it happen.

This EP is complex, interesting, and most of all, it’s really freakin fun! Be sure to check them out, especially live because last time I saw them they covered Sean Paul’s “Like Glue” and that song makes me party like it’s 2002, which was crazier than 2008.  My personal opinion.  Personally.

Written by Cozz

Cozz is a local musician, artist, and skater, who decided that he wasn’t doing enough cool shit and decided to join the N.J. Racket team.