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Young Legs is Beyond Definition

// Artists // September 15, 2016 // Adam

Sometimes, I’ll go see a band and someone will ask, “What did they sound like?” and I’ll respond, “Well, they’re a folk band.  They sound like other folk bands.  They’re nearly indistinguishable from other folk bands.” That could not be further from the case with Young Legs, and that is why they were one of my favorites from The North Jersey Indie Rock Festival at Cathedral Hall.

Many bands will say that they don’t like being defined.  Instead, Young Legs makes music that cannot be defined.  Young Legs is quite possibly the most unique band I have ever heard.  “Ring of Salt” has a poppy feel to it that you can dance and sing along to, but the song “Northfield” sounds almost like a Gregorian chant. Then they break out a ukulele on “Resolution,” and at that point all bets are off.  Also, elephant in the room, band frontman, Steven Donahue, wears a dress.  Everything about these guys screams, “You’ve never seen another band like us before!” and no, I really haven’t.

Young Legs’ music is very technically crafted, making exceptional use of harmonies and counter melodies and syncopating the vocals with the guitars. I’m sure they’re employing tons of other vocabulary words I can’t remember from my high school music theory class.  The music isn’t just unique.  It’s also remarkably good.

There are plenty of talented bands on the scene right now, but few of them are as creative and intelligent as Young Legs. I highly recommend giving their albums, Promise of Winter and The Fog and the Forest, a listen.

Written by Adam

Adam gave man-birth to N.J. Racket and is as close to an "editor-in-chief" the site has. He's a god awful photographer.