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The Talented Mr. Vidaurri

// Artists // September 13, 2016 // Adam

Shane-Michael Vidaurri is an incredibly talented, multifaceted artist.  Not only is he an accomplished graphic artist and a member of a couple bands, most notably The Ashes, but I was incredibly impressed with his solo performance at the North Jersey Indie Rock Festival.  On the surface, Vidaurri’s act was pretty simple.  He doesn’t go for attention grabbing moments, nor is his music overly energetic. The true beauty of his art is how well it stands on its own.  It has a very plain and innate beauty to it that is easy to appreciate.

My photographer actually had a somewhat awkward moment during this set. While he was photographing, he got the idea for a shot that would show Vidaurri in the background and a lone girl in the foreground so that in the photo it appears that Vidaurri is personally serenading this young lady in an empty church.  I said, “Coop, that’s a cool shot and all, but you’re supposed to be photographing the artists, not taking creepy pictures of girls in the audience that don’t know you’re taking pictures of them.” We’re professionals. Or at least try to appear to be professionals. After the set, we were able to grab a quick word with Vidaurri. It turned out that he and the girl in the photo are actually together, so instead of being creepy, it’s kinda totes adorbs.

Vidaurri’ssolo album, The Cat Man is Sad, is available on .  His graphic art is posted to his personal portfolio, and is definitely deserving of your time and appreciation.

Written by Adam

Adam gave man-birth to N.J. Racket and is as close to an "editor-in-chief" the site has. He's a god awful photographer.