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Spowder Releases Miracle Grow Music Video

// Artists, Video // November 17, 2017 // Adam

Well folks, looks like miracles do come true.

This one comes in the form of the trippy “Miracle Grow” music video from Spowder, off their April release, Health Palm.  Spowder’s one of the local DIY bands that’s been creating a ton of buzz in the past year having released an absolute killer album on both State Champion Records and Sniffling Indie Kids, recently announced they will be playing with the Screaming Females at Monty Hall for the second straight year, were one of the headlining bands at the Second Annual North Jersey Indie Rock Festival, and now approach the close of 2017 with this video for their most hard hitting track.  Check it out below…


This esoteric video puts on display everything that Spowder fans have come to love about this band.  Declan McCleary droll vocals are contrasted against the upbeat rhythm of Jamie Houghton and Gillian Smith’s guitar and bass while Jenna Fairey slays on the kit.   The video has a frantic and chaotic pacing that’s reminiscent of their live performances, but above all else, shows the band in their natural, whacky element doing their own thing and having a good fucking time.

You can catch Spowder TONIGHT at the Meatlocker in Montclair and on February 24 at Monty Hall in Jersey City with the Screaming Females.  Also, if you haven’t already, order a copy of Health Palm on vinyl from the State Champion Records website!

Written by Adam

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