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Smock Gets Messy

// Artists // June 14, 2017 // Adam

Last week, at the recently re-opened Meatlocker, the newly formed local super-group Smock arrived on the scene with a riotous set.  Sandwiched between established commodity LKFFCT and fellow new-comers Shred Flintstone, it was the highly anticipated first appearance of Smock, comprised of members from Kult of Mary, Whiner, and Sunflower, that brought the crowd out in force.

The band has a low, growling, metal feel, that sometimes creeps slowly and ominously with anxiety-inducing, thumping bass, while at other points it’s manic and aggressive and all you can see on stage are mops of long hair flailing around wildly with fingers flying up and down the necks of the guitars.  The crowd of punks at the locker ate this up and broke in the new white carpet in style: beer splashing everywhere, dirty, sweaty bodies tumbling over each other.  Not a single person even took their Docs off.  That carpet is going to need to be steam cleaned in a week, especially if bands like Smock keep bringing the mother fucking ruckus.

There was a song that really stood out to me during the set (the name of which wasn’t given), where the lead guitar and bass played an up-tempo, hard-rocking riff, while the rhythm guitar created echoing dissonance and the vocals were a wailing droll.  The whole thing sounded and felt like the kind of nightmare where you’re plummeting down into the abyss, spinning in circles, dying to wake up.  Except, in this instance, the only thing going in a circle is the pit, and you’re jumping right in to the middle and never trying to get out.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more from this group.  The first show was promising and delivered on everything people had hoped it would be.  Smock is a band that absolutely needs to be on your radar, and you heard about them first on N.J. Racket.  Go on and get messy with ‘em!

Photos by: Bobby Kirner, Wizard Brain Photography

Written by Adam

Adam gave man-birth to N.J. Racket and is as close to an "editor-in-chief" the site has. He's a god awful photographer.