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Video Premiere: Shithead’s Rainbow, Bad

// Feature, Video // February 5, 2018 // Adam

Avant garde punk band Shithead’s Rainbow (SHRB) has released a new music video for “Bad,” the first single off their upcoming album Ludlows, scheduled to be released on February 16 on Mint 400 Records.  I’m unable to describe this band as well as they describe themselves, so allow me to use their own words, “Bayonne trash, with Jersey City style, and Ridgewood cheese, and Newark Bay broth, served by our toxic sunset.”  I don’t know about you, but now I’m fucking hungry.  Grab a snack and enjoy the video below.

The band directed the video themselves in a very David Lynch-ian style alternating black and white shots with color and inserting flashes of random frames.  The quick, kinetic pacing of the video coupled with the cabaret style back beat most prevalent during the chorus creates an uneasy an surreal mood throughout the video.  While the rotating shots and playback in reverse will make you feel like you’re lost, circling further and further in a downward spiral of “stupid, stupid, stupid world…stupid, stupid, heavy brain…stupid, stupid, stupid things.”

While there’s no shortage of bands that can get your blood pumping and have you dancing all over the place like a goddamn fool, this band does it like no one else.  Shithead’s Rainbow indulges in their erraticism which allows them to craft such esoteric melodies unlike anything else you’ve heard.  And while “Bad” is a prime example of what SHRB has to offer, there’s no shortage of polka-punk inspired bangers on Ludlows.

Following the release of their album on February 16, you can catch Shithead’s Rainbow performing live on February 10 at Debonair Music Hall for Babe Coven Presents Be Witched Burlesque II: Rites + Revels and on February 24 for the Mint 400 Records showcase at Piano’s.

Written by Adam

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