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Music Video Release: Pulp, Spowder

// Feature, Video // January 29, 2018 // Adam

So in case you haven’t noticed, I really can’t say enough about Spowder.  Apparently, I’ve got a fever, and the only cure, is more Spowder.  They’re a lot like cowbells that way.  But if you haven’t been keeping up, the bands last album Health Palm was released last spring and has been the talk of the New Jersey scene.  Last fall, Spowder released the first music video from the album for “Miracle Grow,” and similar to that release, the video for “Pulp” is is just as wacked out and irreverent. 

The video, directed by Ed Weisgerber, is everything we’ve come to expect from Spowder.  It’s lo-fi and cuts right to the chase with the trio of Jaime, Gillian, and Jenna rocking out….somewhere, with their guitars plugged in to…..something, wearing matching red and black Spowder t-shirts (I’d be down to buy one of those btw) while Declan is unconscious on the ground somewhere else and gets woken up by drinking either a milkshake or some cement.  For the next few minutes the band gets messy and hi-jinx ensue and there’s plenty of headbanging with all the Bupbupbupbupbup’s.

Once again, Spowder delivers some tunes that are just silly and fun and fucking rock.

Written by Adam

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