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Save the Animals by Shredding the Gallery

// Shows, Uncategorized // October 27, 2016 // Meredith

Not many things could get me to commute across the George Washington Bridge on a Saturday night, but for a lineup like The Gray Company, Hiroshi Jaguar, Bible Gun, Rita Fishbone, and Whiner (with the added bonus of SAVING THE ANIMALS), I got my ass in the car and hit the road for the 73 See Gallery & Design Studio in Montclair, New Jersey. Major props to Maegan Broccoli for bringing together an amazing group of artists both illustrative and musically inclined. On top of seeing the bands, I was able to acquire a new kitty pin, illustrated by Maegan, that will forever live on my camera bag and remind me of my evening and the animals at the rescue shelter!

First up – The Gray Company
“Buy it if you break it / Break it if you want it / Want it if you like it / Like it till you love it / Love it till you hate it…” – Zebeeb Awalom, The Gray Company – “She Told Me”

You know that feeling you get when you’ve been taught something new about life? That is basically what sitting through a session with The Gray Company is like. Jason and Zebeeb, an act consisting at the moment of just a guitar and vocalist, pulled us all right in. I don’t know if I can put my finger on the exact moment during their set when I felt most connected – it could have been their incredible cover of “Message in a Bottle” (I’m obsessed with The Police), it could have been when Zebeeb started screaming “CALL ME A BITCH AGAIN, BABY” (I’m a feminist), or it could have been at the very end when they played their song “She Told Me” (don’t ask questions – just go buy the track and put it on repeat). Either way, such a great act and I’m totally looking forward to seeing another show in the future! (Psssst – which is conveniently this Friday, October 28th at Webster Hall – see ya there!!!)

On Deck – Hiroshi Jaguar

In a lineup of bands that are mostly in the indie/alternative realm, Hiroshi Jaguar came out with something different and hit us with a FUCKING BEAT! I am by no means an expert on electronic music, but he was dynamic, fun, and had such personality that it was impossible to not enjoy! I thought his sequencing was on point, his transitions smooth, and on top of that he pulls off a spaceman mask during his entire performance. Hiroshi intrigued us all, and if anyone needs a track to get shit done to, then go get your hands on #animalliberation. Trust me – your day job with thank you.

Annnnnndddd Next – Bible Gun

Kit & Linda of Bible Gun – just FUCKING WOW. These two completely blew my mind. First of all, I don’t understand how two human beings make as big a sound as these two – I’m shocked the speakers lasted for the rest of the bands. On top of that, they do it with just a piano and a saxophone. Like I said, MIND BLOWN. The whole show was a blast – from Kit’s antics and power vocals to Linda getting down on the sax and adding in her backup vocals with power screams! I found myself a bit lost in the vibe and the music with this band. If you ever get a chance to see them live, just do it. Find their music and buy it. They killed it for me, and if I was ever a girl who could have a band at her birthday party, I would choose them.

Rounding out my night – Rita Fishbone

Finally, I’ve found a band with the easy listening vibe of island music mixed with the anger of my youth. I want to bang my head with a coconut drink in hand when I listen to Rita Fishbone. They technically fall in the “experimental rock” genre, and in the setting I witnessed, it’s not possible to strictly qualify their sound. The darker lyrics that Anastasia Lasky sings combined with the ease of rock laid down by Karson Meckeler and Corey Kimmel created such a wonderful juxtaposition in my head that I couldn’t help but become a fan. The set they played opened with “Oblivion Pig” and was followed by the songs off their Spilt Milk album. All are available online and I recommend that everyone get your hands on them. Totally looking forward to what this band has in store!!!

For Another Time – Whiner

Unfortunately, my night got cut a little short and I was unable to see Whiner perform live, which I’m still bummed about. A band that claims their genre as “Glamour” can only have an amazing set to share with everyone. Luckily for me, Whiner has some great tracks out on the interwebs that I was able to dive into. My current personal favorite is “Between You & Me.” I’m really hoping to catch them again in the future!

All in all it was a great night filled with the sounds and sights of talented people, and I’m glad I got to be a part of it. Totally worth ass dragging across the GW and back!