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Racket Radio EP 06 with Well Wisher and Ragged Lines

For episode 6, Racket Radio heads to a land down under – Asbury Park, New Jersey.  Joined this week by Natalie Newbold of Well Wisher, Carter Henry of Ragged Lines, and Lucas Dalakian of both Well Wisher and Ragged Lines, we dive into some good tunes from some of the area’s best bands and talk about recording music with Erik Romero, where’s the boundary between central and south Jersey, how incredibly talented Erik Romero is, why shows need to start earlier, how much great music was produced by Erik Romero in the past year, why you should roast your friends, what makes Erik Romero the best engineer in the state, and how to Airbnb a recording studio (hint: it involves Erik Romero).  As always, thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the episode.

Big News From The Vaughns

One of New Jersey’s most exciting and promising young bands, The Vaughns have been gaining more and more attention as of late.  Following their 2015 release tomfooleryThe Vaughns had released the single “Santa Cruz” back in May of this year and debuted a music video in September.  

The Vaughns Fall in Love with Santa Cruz

The Vaughns dropped the single “Santa Cruz” back in May of this year, their first release since their 2015 album Tomfoolery. The song is a major step forward for the band, both stylistically and in regard to their maturity.  Last week, the band continued to build upon this success with the premiere of the music video for the track, filmed and produced by Kelsey Ayres and Rich Weinberger of Caskethouse Co.

The Vaughns Brought Their Tomfoolery to The Yacht Club

The calm before a storm, the lights are dim, beers in hand, and the sound-check is over. The Vaughns are set to open the Experiment 34 album release show at The Asbury Park Yacht Club. There’s usually not a crowd so large for the opening band, but The Vaughns, consisting of Anna Lies, David Cacciatore, Ryan Kenter, and Tom Losito from Springfield, are not a typical opening band. I have been looking forward to this show since I first heard their album Tomfoolery and can I just say, if you haven’t been listening, you are seriously missing out.