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Mint 400 Records Announce North Jersey Indie Fest Lineup

N.J. Racket is thrilled to present the second installment of the North Jersey Indie Rock Festival Lineup Announcement.  Last week, we released the full lineup of artists from festival co-founder, Sniffling Indie Kids, which consisted of Adam and the Plants, Delicate Flowers, LKFFCT, Quality Living, Rocky and the Chapter, Shred Flintstone, and Spowder.  Now, we present the lineup from the remaining festival co-founder, Mint 400 Records.

The Skullers Release Single “Can We Do That Again”

Friday, April 21, The Skullers will take the altar at Cathedral Hall in Jersey City as part of the Undercroft Concert Series along with The One and Nines, Don Kincaid & The Wait, Underlined Passages, and Young Legs.  Frontman Jack Skuller is one of the true local indie wunderkinds, having released his first single at age 13 on the locally famous Bar/None Records and followed that up with a series of solo releases on Mint 400 Records.  Now, at the ripe age of 21, Skuller has joined forces with bassist Luigi Sardi and drummer Gabriel Scholis-Fernandez to record a new EP set to be released later this year on Mint 400 Records.