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Sound & Shape Makes Their Way Through New Jersey

Sound & Shape, out of Nashville, are making their way up to New Jersey this month in advance of the release of their new EP, Peasants (which will only be released on vinyl. Because this band is cool).

These guys have already released four studio albums together, and it shows in their music. Each track is incredibly tight and polished, maintaining melodic riffs over killer guitar and Grant Bramlett’s high-energy drumming, even on alt-rock jams like “Dandelion.” The result is a sophisticated album showcasing variety and talent from every member of the group.

The songwriting itself is thoughtful and optimistic, combining with the music to give the EP an anthemic feel. As Ryan Caudle sings in the title song, “It’s not that easy to be/The only peasant in a world full of kings and queens/In the shadow of the castle/I’ll find everything I need.” These songs acknowledge how shitty things can get, yet they speak of resiliency, and scrappiness, and hope. It’s exactly what I want to hear these days – and you might, too.

So do yourself a favor and see Sound & Shape on January 28th at The Mill Hill or the 29th at The Scarlet Pub. Or go to both shows, if that’s what you’re into. I promise you will be physically incapable of standing still in the crowd like some fucking anti-dancing hipster. Then go and pre-order Peasants on vinyl when it comes out, so that you too can be one of the cool kids.