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Exclusive Interview with Ryan O’Leary: Sally Draper “DOES TOO”

Last year, the punk duo of Ryan O’Leary and Bob Osowski came together to create Sally Draper, described in their own words as Against Me! if they had gotten into Weezer.  A few weeks ago, the band released DOES TOO, their first full length album fresh on the heels of two EP releases last fall.

DOES TOO shows off the full range of the duo.  The first track, “The Air I Breathe,” begins with soft, acoustic finger-picking juxtaposed by raw, guttural vocals before unleashing the breakdown thirty seconds before the end of the song.  “New York City is a Fucking Headache” is more of a traditional punk anthem that will have running in circles and swinging your arms right from the first cord, with only short pauses to shout along with the chorus, “New York City is a fucking headache!”  The album also manages to pack in a tremendous amount of heart beneath all the head banging and screaming.  “Too Young To Be Too Old” features personal, yet universally relatable lyrical themes (at least to those around Ryan, Bob, and my age range), “For once all my dreams are within reach/ Just close enough to watch them all slip away.”

This past week, I got to talk with Sally Draper guitarist and vocalist Ryan O’Leary about their new release, their old releases, their “Bigly Benefit” show series, the local scene, and how all of this manages to fit into their already ridiculously hectic lives.