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N.J. Racket Makes Stoshs Home Again

Two Fridays ago, N.J. Racket hosted a show at one of our favorite spots, Stosh’s in Fairlawn, New Jersey, with the help of our good friends Mint 400 Records.  The show had a little bit of everything that has come to be expected since this venue has taken off as one of the best spots in North Jersey.  Electric Sensei brought the weird, Ruby Bones rocked out, Guilty Giraffe cranked up the volume, Joy Cleaner made it dance, and John Cozz got really drunk.  Like my grandmother used to always say, “Blame it on the alcohol.”  

Ruby Bones Album Release

May 12, 2017 marks the release of Ruby Bones’ self-titled debut album.  The trio of vocalist/guitarist Chris Nova, bassist FC Spies, and drummer James Janocha is sure to be a must-see performance in the upcoming summer of 2017.  Ruby Bones comes at you hard with energetic riffs that can’t stop and won’t stop throughout the entire album.  Typically, you’d be told to buckle up for a ride like this, but there’s no fun in that.  Get on your feet and get ready to jam the fuck out!