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N.J. Racket Playlist – November 26, 2016

In the past few weeks we’ve gotten a ton of new music from old favorites and a few new bands have popped up on the N.J. Racket radar.  Check it out for yourself.

NGHTCRWLRS are Raging Hot

nghtcrwlrs-raging-hotLast week I wrote about NGHTCRWLRS’ album release show and about how the show and the new album, Raging Hot, were pretty fucking funky fresh.  The album, released on the Sniffling Indie Kids label, has ten ass-kicking tracks and is a great listen top to bottom.  The four-piece band, consisting of guitarists Eric Goldberg and Frank DeFranco, bassist Brian Goglia, and drummer Max Rauch, excels in sophisticated composition and layering of the individual pieces in a way where they’re all distinguishable while still sounding unified.

Cant Miss Tracks From Our First Two Weeks

On the off chance that you haven’t checked out any of these bands yet, and you think we’re here just spewing bullshit, here is a playlist compiled from some of my favorite tracks recorded by the first few bands we covered.  Educate yourself.  Check it out.

NGHTCRWLRS: The Hardest Working Band On and Off the Stage

The first-ever North Jersey Indie Rock Festival at Cathedral Hall in Jersey was a major accomplishment for NGHTCRWLRS and Sniffling Indie Kids’ Frank DeFranco, who, in conjunction with Neil Sabatino of Mint 400 Records, planned and organized the festival i decided that the time had come to organize an event showcasing the remarkable talent hidden in North Jersey.  That’s the kind of ass kicking D.I.Y. attitude that N.J. Racket is proud to support.