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Modern Chemistry’s “Everything In Gold” is a Masterpiece

This is the second review of Modern Chemistry I’ve written in the last year. I’ll be the first to tell you I know next to nothing about music (and not much more about anything else), but I do some woodworking in my spare time so I can appreciate genuine craftsmanship and artistry and those two qualities epitomize Modern Chemistry’s new album, Everything in Gold.”

The day this album released, I couldn’t get my headphones in fast enough. I listened to ‘Everything in Gold’ beginning to end twice through that first day and continue to be impressed as I listen to the album. The tone of the band remains the same yet the sound has evolved.

This Much Talent Could Only Fit in a New Jersey Basement


There was a pretty special show hosted at The Edge Mansion in New Brunswick on January 19.  I’ve been meaning to write about it for over a week now, but since January 20 I keep feeling overcome by fear, hopelessness, and impending doom, but so is life following the inauguration of the small-handed Tangerine Tyrant.  I didn’t intend to ever get political on this site, but it’s been vaguely unavoidable in the past ten or so days.  Still, few things can inspire such feelings of freedom and strength as good, honest music.  Just like Woody Guthrie taught us, “This Machine Kills Fascists.”

The Edge Mansion has the perfect setup for a basement venue.  The main stage area is pretty large and wide open, dimly lit with rows of Christmas lights.  There’s the long hallway when you first go down the stairs which gives the artists a great space to set up their merch.  You can pack in right up front and dance around face to face with your favorite bands, or hang back if you’re trying to have a more chill night.  Sure, occasionally a monitor might cut out during a set, but that’s part of the D.I.Y. charm that you grow to love when you start indulging in this scene. 

Modern Chemistry at Starland Ballroom: An Underdog Story

Last Friday went like every other. I left my white collar, 9-5 gig in desperate need of some mid-2000s emo to cope with the fact that I’ve totally sold out. My 16-year-old self is definitely fucking pissed that I work in a cubicle all day talking about forecasts, market research, performance efficiency, and holy crap I’m boring myself just writing this.


I told Adam I was heading to see Taking Back Sunday and The Starting Line at Starland Ballroom. He, ever having his ear to the ground listening for the hooves of N.J. Indie bands, pointed out that the opener, Modern Chemistry, was a band he was a big fan of. Then, it became my job to get to the venue on time to see the opener.