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Single Premiere: Hungry Cats by Guilty Giraffe

The young trio from Yonkers, Guilty Giraffe, is back at it with the release of their new single. “Hungry Cats,” on Mint 400 Records.  The single is the second follow up to their debut full length Server Error,  which was released last May, and comes on the heels of their most recent single, “Washed Out.”  Guilty Giraffe had made a name for themselves with their loud, raucous style, but have taken leaps and bounds in their song writing approach as of late and are demonstrating a much more mature sound that retains the noisy fuzz, but is more intricate and refined.  Such steps forward at still such a young age really show off the amount of potential this band has a head.

A Cool Island Song by aBIRD

With the release of his debut full length album approaching, aBIRD premiered his third, and final, single “A Cool Island Song” on the heels of recent releases “Polluto” and “The Sun and the Moon.”  A lot has been made in the past year about the artistic turn made by Adam Bird.  He’s adopted an electro pop sound which he employs so uniquely and proficiently.  The beats are catchy and the composition is tight and succinct.  However, different still from the past two singles, “A Cool Island Songs” features a lighter, tropical swing to juxtapose the more straight ahead pieces.

N.J. Racket Makes Stoshs Home Again

Two Fridays ago, N.J. Racket hosted a show at one of our favorite spots, Stosh’s in Fairlawn, New Jersey, with the help of our good friends Mint 400 Records.  The show had a little bit of everything that has come to be expected since this venue has taken off as one of the best spots in North Jersey.  Electric Sensei brought the weird, Ruby Bones rocked out, Guilty Giraffe cranked up the volume, Joy Cleaner made it dance, and John Cozz got really drunk.  Like my grandmother used to always say, “Blame it on the alcohol.”  

The Bitter Chills and Keller Williams at White Eagle Hall

This Thursday Virginia’s “one man jam band” Keller Williams will take the stage at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, and joining him will be New Jersey locals The Bitter Chills.  Still riding the wave of the release of their second album, Feel-Good Songs for Feel-Bad People, The Bitter Chills will be taking a big step forward in sharing the stage with an act like Williams on just one stop of his seven month national tour.  Tickets are still available on Ticketfly, but you’d be best to act quickly because I’m not sure how much longer that will be the case.

Throwback Tony Saxon Releases Old Souls & Long Term Goals

Long time indie rock vet Tony Saxon announced his signing to Mint 400 Records back in the fall of 2017 and has since wasted no time making his presence felt.  The infectious, high energy guitar riffs of “Black Hearted Gypsy Woman,” the album’s first single, teased listeners and left them wanting more.  The wish was granted back on January 26 with the release of Old Souls & Long Term Goalseleven hard-rocking melodies like nothing you’ve heard for a long, long time.

Saxon draws influence from the early, experimental days of rock music and embodies that spirit so effectively throughout this album, which was tracked live in it’s entirety.  In today’s digital age, it’s pretty uncommon for a piece to be so raw and untouched which truly adds so much to the authentic feel Saxon creates and is just one example of the risks taken and rules broken throughout Old Souls & Long Term Goals.

Racket Radio EP 04 with Neil Sabatino and Adam Bird

Joining us for Episode 4 of Racket Radio are Neil Sabatino and Adam Bird to try to justify their terrible opinions on Star Wars: The Last Jedi and also chat a bit about some local indie music, their opinions on which I have much more respect for.  For those that don’t already know, Neil is the owner of Mint 400 Records as well as the singer and guitarist of the band Fairmont and Adam is the lead singer/songwriter/guitarist/keyboardist/a bunch of other things in his new project A Bird.