Bar None, Killing Horse, and Little Dickman Records Lineups for the North Jersey Indie Rock Fest

After weeks of anticipation, here we are at the final lineups announcement for the Second Annual North Jersey Indie Rock Festival, which will be on September 23, at Cathedral Hall in Jersey City.  Fourteen bands have already been announced from Mint 400 Records and Sniffling Indie Kids.  As if that wasn’t enough, here are ten more bands from Bar None Records, Killing Horse Records, and Little Dickman Records.


Mint 400 Records Announce North Jersey Indie Fest Lineup

N.J. Racket is thrilled to present the second installment of the North Jersey Indie Rock Festival Lineup Announcement.  Last week, we released the full lineup of artists from festival co-founder, Sniffling Indie Kids, which consisted of Adam and the Plants, Delicate Flowers, LKFFCT, Quality Living, Rocky and the Chapter, Shred Flintstone, and Spowder.  Now, we present the lineup from the remaining festival co-founder, Mint 400 Records.


Jonathan LeVine Projects Announced as North Jersey Indie Rock Fest Sponsor

N.J. Racket is beyond honored to announce that Jersey City’s own Jonathan LeVine Projects will be a sponsor of Mint 400 Records and Sniffling Indie Kids’ Second Annual North Jersey Indie Rock Festival.  Owner and proprietor Jonathan LeVine is known internationally as one of the pioneers of the street art movement in the early 2000s, and his gallery is considered to be one of the premiere galleries in the world for transgressive and subversive pop surrealism. 


N.J. Racket will be the Official Media Sponsor of the 2017 North Jersey Indie Rock Festival

N.J. Racket has been selected by Mint 400 Records founder Neil Sabatino and Sniffling Indie Kids co-founder Frank DeFranco to be the official media sponsor of the 2017 North Jersey Indie Rock Festival to be held on September 23 at Cathedral Hall in Jersey City. 


A Bird’s “Polluto” Says What it Means To

Adam Bird, formerly of Those Mockingbirds, has gone solo as A Bird and dropped a single last week, released by Mint 400 Records. “Polluto” is the first of the string of 2017 releases Bird teased in his interview with N.J Racket in February, and dudes, it’s pretty killer.

With an almost bluesy rock intensity behind him, Bird sings with raw emotion, “I don’t care, I’m never giving up/Starting over is still starting somewhere.” This song strikes me as anthemic, as a declaration, as the mission statement for the music we will see from A Bird. Between the slamming riff, the shrieking synth, the droning guitar over the chorus, and the piano that comes in adding a sense of urgency above the rest, this track gives so much energy and makes a powerful first impression.


Kult of Mary is Mighty Fine

On May 30, Kult of Mary released their second EP Mighty Fine, and if you’ll excuse me for making the lazy joke, the EP is, in fact, might fine.  This is Kult of Mary’s second release on Mint 400 Records, following the 2016 release Double Dope.  Might Fine is a four song EP that clocks in under ten minutes, but just like you were taught in your high school health class, it’s the quality, not quantity that really matters.

Kult of Mary excels in delivering “no bullshit rock n roll.”  This album sounds like the best parts of 1977 and 1991 in all the best possible ways.  It’s that kind of classic, low-fi punk fused with low, ripping thrash.  Back to the roots in its purest form; grimy, dark, and muddled with a straight, hard, and fast delivery.  Save the glitz and glamor.  Fuck your feelings.  Kult of Mary doesn’t have time for any of it. 

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