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Catch and Release by Cicada Radio is a Keeper

Its commonplace in this scene to have no concept of anything that’s happened more than three months prior to current day.  Everyone’s focused on what’s new and what’s changed.  What bands have broken up and what new bands will come out of the ashes.  Jersey City’s Cicada Radio is a band that has been shaping and defining the local scene for eight years now.  Such a span of time seems conventionally unobtainable, but Cicada Radio proves not only that it can be done, but with their upcoming EP Catch and Release due out June 15 on Killing Horse Records, they prove that it can be done well.

The Second Annual North Jersey Indie Rock Festival Recap

On September 23, Sniffling Indie Kids and Mint 400 Records hosted the Second Annual North Jersey Indie Rock Festival at Cathedral Hall in Jersey City, featuring twenty-four bands across five different local record labels.  N.J. Racket was fortunate enough to sponsor the event alongside the world-renowned Jonathan LeVine Projects.

As I had been looking forward to this event for months, it is hard for me to really explain what that day was like and how the experience was to me on a personal level.  I got to work closely with Sniffling Indie Kids and Mint 400 while they planned the event, and while my personal involvement was minimal, witnessing the level of effort and dedication they put into lifting this event to its full potential and to create a space and atmosphere that was positive, safe, inclusive, and (most of all) fun was truly inspiring.  Before we o any further, I want to take a moment here at the beginning to say thank you to everyone that participated in the event, from the festival planners, performers, promoters, vendors, and audience members.  These types of things cannot exist without everyone’s passion and participation.

North Jersey Indie Rock Festival: Lineup Set Times

Alright everyone, here’s the deal.  I don’t want any of you, not a single person, to have any excuse for missing their favorite band next Saturday at the (takes a deep breath) Second Annual North Jersey Indie Rock Festival at Cathedral Hall on Montgomery Street in Jersey City (advance tickets available here), and as such we’ve decided to post the complete rundown of ALL 24 BANDS.

As you already know, the festival will have two stages.  The stage downstairs will be the JONATHAN LeVINE PROJECTS STAGE and the upstairs stage will be the N.J. RACKET STAGE.  Pretty god damn baller right?  Also, be sure to give the festival playlist a listen, posted below the lineup and order your festival t-shirt HERE!

Interview with Désir Decir’s Mitch Cady, Looking Ahead to the North Jersey Indie Rock Fest

Well, the Second Annual North Jersey Indie Rock Festival is rapidly approaching so I wanted to be sure to take the time to actually speak with a few of the artists that are lined up to be performing and since there has been so much focus on the festival’s organizers, Sniffling Indie Kids and Mint 400, why not take the opportunity to spotlight one of the festival newcomers, Désir Decir, a Jersey City band on Killing Horse Records.

Bar None, Killing Horse, and Little Dickman Records Lineups for the North Jersey Indie Rock Fest

After weeks of anticipation, here we are at the final lineups announcement for the Second Annual North Jersey Indie Rock Festival, which will be on September 23, at Cathedral Hall in Jersey City.  Fourteen bands have already been announced from Mint 400 Records and Sniffling Indie Kids.  As if that wasn’t enough, here are ten more bands from Bar None Records, Killing Horse Records, and Little Dickman Records.

The Cartwheelers Get Gnarly on Killing Horse Records

The Cartwheelers released their first EP, The Cartwheelers, last week on Killing Horse Records. Three songs. Two dudes. One question: Why aren’t you listening to it right now?

Kevin McSorely and Stefan Dias are like the surf-punk version of the White Stripes, but like, if instead of Meg on the drums, they had Animal from the Muppets.  Yeah, that friggin good. These two offer a surprisingly full sound for two people, and with music that’s eminently head-bangable, melodic enough to be danceable, and manic but controllable, I am 100% certain that sweat is flying and bodies are slamming at their live shows.