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Cant Miss Tracks From Our First Two Weeks

On the off chance that you haven’t checked out any of these bands yet, and you think we’re here just spewing bullshit, here is a playlist compiled from some of my favorite tracks recorded by the first few bands we covered.  Educate yourself.  Check it out.

Ken de Poto Made Me Sad and I’ve Never Been Happier

Ken de Poto was the first artist I saw at the North Jersey Indie Rock Fest at Cathedral Hall in Jersey City, and god damn was it a great way to get things kicked off! de Poto took the stage, and the heavily blues-inspired riffs came wailing out of his guitar.  His music is dark and heavy and kinda crawls in a way that allows you to digest and contemplate the lyrics, which are delivered in such a deliberate way that many songwriters fail to truly achieve.