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Rosey Bengal Delivers Junk Mail

Guys! Rosey Bengal is back! At last! Two years after their eponymous EP came out and months after their most recent single, they have released the eagerly-awaited, full-length Junk Mail with Sniffling Indie Kids and Mint 400. It’s kind of the Chinese Democracy of NJ indie rock. But now it’s here! And Junk Mail is well worth the wait.

This album achieves a full, complex sound without coming off as crowded. Featuring two songs off their EP as well as their 2016 single, “Freedom in the Air” (which we premiered back in December!), it’s both driving and languid, polished and tight with just the right amount of distortion, measured but reserving plenty of space for solos. I was hooked from the first seconds of pedal-heavy picking and distortion on “Black Sedan,” and the rest of the album definitely holds up.

SINGLE PREMIERE: “Freedom in the Air” by Rosey Bengal

junk-mail-2We at N.J. Racket are absolutely thrilled to be debuting Rosey Bengal’s newest single, “Freedom in the Air.” It’s the first off their upcoming album, Junk Mail, set to be released on New Year’s Day 2017.  The single was mixed by Steve Vealey and the entire album is being done by Max Rauch.  This will be Rosey Bengal’s second full-length album release, coming back with all the sweet and melodic sounds from their first, eponymous release that made us fall in love with them.  “Freedom in the Air” tells the story of an intense yet doomed romance with such vivid imagery that only songwriter Evan Luberger could construct.