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Racket Radio EP 01 with Sniffling Indie Kids

We have some very special guests joining us for the first ever installment of N.J. Racket‘s Racket Radio podcast series.  Sniffling Indie Kids is one of the most influential labels in the New Jersey independent music landscape and the three owners, Frank DeFranco, Eric Goldberg, and Joe Lanza are some of the most passionate and knowledgeable people that I’ve had the privilege to know.

In this episode, Frank, Eric, and Joe talk us through the inception of the label, going back to the creation of the Tiny Giant Artist Collective, through meeting Neil Sabatino of Mint 400 Records, starting the North Jersey Indie Rock Festival, and their plans for the future.

Exclusive Interview with dollys’ Jeff Lane

From the very first show N.J. Racket has covered, The North Jersey Indie Rock Festival, to the latest and greatest show we’ve covered, The Front Bottoms Present Champagne Jam, dollys has been one of our favorite bands on the scene.  The trio of Jeff Lane, Natalie Newbold, and Erik Romero have been on a tear throughout 2016 and are looking to carry the momentum into 2017 with a new album release and upcoming east coast tour.

Recently, I had the opportunity to ask guitarist Jeff Lane some questions about the band, their performance rituals, philosophies, and future aspirations.  Jeff goes into detail about the vulnerable and “naked” feeling of performing on stage, his experiences being approached by fans and being a fan approaching other artists, and what he loved about Nirvana.

Champagne Jams Delivered Everything I Wished It Could

December 18 was circled on the calendar for a long time.  The Front Bottoms present Champagne Jams at Webster Hall, featuring big time local artists such as The Screaming Females, Brick + Mortar, Lvl Up, Hodera, Diet Cig, Dollys, and American Trappist.  Twelve total bands, three stages, over five hours of live music.  I got tickets for the N.J. Racket crew back in early November, and we were all amped to be able to see all of these bands at a single show.  So amped, that I’ve been listening to this playlist for months.

N.J. Racket Playlist – November 26, 2016

In the past few weeks we’ve gotten a ton of new music from old favorites and a few new bands have popped up on the N.J. Racket radar.  Check it out for yourself.

The Meatlocker is a Punk Rock Oasis

Montclair is kind of a bougie city.  Upper Mountain Road is where all the Mr. Burns-esq villainous rich people live and look down the mountain at all the dirty poor people. Bloomfield Avenue is lined with fancy antiques and craft stores and designer clothing stores filled with young attractive white yuppie couples, who aspire to live on Upper Mountain Road and probably never will, wearing pea coats and furry earmuffs, who might stop in at Fricassee French Bistro to have the $34 Sole Meunier for dinner.  However, if you live in Montclair, go to Montclair State University, or live in the greater Montclair area and you don’t fit into this aforementioned stereotype, fortunately, there is a place for you too.  Conveniently located (essentially) in the basement of Fricassee, is The Meatlocker.

I Don’t Have a Clever Headline for How Good Vasudeva and The North American Are

This past Saturday, I went down to Asbury Park to catch a show featuring dollys (returning from their tour), Vasudeva, Toy Cars (also back from their tour), and the North American.  Now, at N.J. Racket, we love dollys and Toy Cars, but to be fair, we’ve already written about them a bunch recently, from the Sleeping Patterns album review to the EP release show in New Brunswick and the North Jersey Indie Rock Festival in Jersey City. So, to keep this website from appearing to be solely dedicated to these guys, we are only going to be talking about The North American and Vasudeva. Sorry guys, but you need to share our attention.