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Booth: Self Titled Release


While new music from any New Jersey underground band gets my blood pumping, it’s always that much more inspiring when it’s a young band, like Booth‘s, first release.  But don’t let their age and inexperience fool you.  These dudes are hardcore ass-kickers and their debut EP, Self Titledwill hit you like a sucker punch if you under estimate it.

Admittedly, grindcore has kind of an acquired taste, but if you happen to be the type that’s into music that’ll beat you to the ground and kick your fucking teeth in, Self Titled is the album to get your hands on.  This is the type of shit that gives Tipper Gore nightmares.  Raw, auditory violence, not intended for the faint of heart.  Fair disclaimer, N.J. Racket is not responsible for any injuries sustained while listening to this EP.

So, if we can finally cut all the bullshit, I present to you, Booth!