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Awake Again by PRIM: I’m Not Crying, There’s Just Something in My Eye

Asbury Park’s PRIM released their debut EP, Awake Again, back on January 30.  The band is led by singer/songwriter Jenna Murphy, who is joined by Erik Romero (also responsible for the EP’s production, engineering, and mastering), Jeff Lane, Chris Beninato, and Mike Linardi.

The EP is remarkably dynamic, with emotional highs and lows coupled with musical climaxes, giving Awake Again an overwhelmingly powerful impact.  From the first listen, I was enthralled with this album.  Instrumentally, the sound is so dreamlike, and you can easily get lost in trying to peel away the layers of the guitar, piano, bass, and drums which are all so distinct but still come together to complement each other and the vocals so perfectly.