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Apparus Returns to Wear “The Crown”

The band Apparus formed in Montclair way back in 2012, and now, five years after their formation and two years after their breakup in 2015, we have been gifted with one more single, titled “The Crown,” to torture us all with thoughts of what could have been and longing for what we have lost.  In the three years the band was active, they spawned a full length album, aptly titled The Album, and a 7-track EP, also aptly titled Apparus EP.  “The Crown,” though released for the first time in 2017, was first conceived by guitarist Ben Petty (ManDancing) about 10 years ago (I don’t want to tell you what I was doing 10 years ago), and throughout that time has been rewritten and reworked by the band until it has reached this point of perfection.