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Show Me The Body is Coming to The Meatlocker

// Shows // March 1, 2017 // Adam

This coming Friday, one of the most hardcore independent bands on the scene will be bringing the fucking ruckus to the Meatlocker in Montclair.  The New York City natives, Show Me The Body, are being brought across the Hudson by Whiner guitarist, and Meatlocker regular, Christian Castan, who also managed to book Machine Girl, DutchGuts, Loko Disparo, and of course, Whiner themselves.  This show is gonna pack more whoop ass than you can fit in a Tall Boy, which you’re are more than welcome to bring to this BYOB event (if you are 21+).

The Meatlocker, being one of the realest underground venues in a state that’s known for having some great ones, is pretty much the ideal venue for badass mother fuckers like Show Me The Body.  These guys are rough and the shows are friggin wild, but if there is any space can contain them, it’s the cold, dirty, concrete walls of the ‘Locker.

Last week, I caught up with the man that brought this all together for the Meatlocker faithful, Christian Castan, and asked him a few questions about the show.  He was amped to talk about it, as you’d expect him to be.  Aside from being the booker of the show, he is a genuinely huge fan of all of these bands, and is probably the most excited person to see them all come together.

N.J. Racket (NJR): What draws you to Show me the body and why did you choose to book them?

Christian Castan (CC): I booked Show Me The Body because I fucked with their music and then I saw them live and it was crazy.  They GO OFF live and have a way of getting the crowd hyped.  Kids were screaming and moshing throughout the entire set.  They inspired me and a whole crowd of people in what was just a 30-minute set.

NJR: What do you love most about playing the Meatlocker?

CC: I love the Meatlocker. It is the best DIY spot in New Jersey, by far, and has hella history.  Located in the heart of Montclair, it’s all tagged up with graffiti, band stickers, and old flyers.  It just feels comfortable to me. It’s a pretty big space compared to other DIY spaces and is super inclusive.  You will see all types of people who are into all types of different shit.  Everyone that goes there is just trying to have a good time and appreciate the art/music.

NJR:  What can the Meatlocker crowd that might not be familiar with Show me the body expect from their set?

CC: I think people are going to really dig it.  The Meatlocker is already home to tons of punk and hardcore acts.  So, I think Show Me The Body’s loud, aggressive punk vibe is going to go over very well.

NJR: Do you have any other shows at the Meatlocker on your horizon?

CC: I am constantly either playing or booking shows at the Meatlocker, because like I said its and important spot.  A Meatlocker show to look out for is April 18th a birthday show for a bunch of friends featuring, Trü, Puddle Splasher, Archie Alone, No Honeymoon & Whiner.

Written by Adam

Adam gave man-birth to N.J. Racket and is as close to an "editor-in-chief" the site has. He's a god awful photographer.