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steve. gets Drunk @ Brunch

// Music, Review // July 16, 2017 // Adam

How much can be said about a four-track, seven-minute EP?  I’m not sure, so let’s find out!  Not long ago, New Brunswick punk emo trio steve. released a new EP titled Drunk @ Brunch as a follow-up to their 2016 EP release, Boo-Shemi.  As in steve. Boo-Shemi.  As in Steve Buscemi.  Are you following along?  Please try to keep up.

Drunk @ Brunch does everything it needs to, despite being only seven minutes long.  The riffs are infectious.  The vocals are catchy and succinct enough to be sang along to.   steve. brings an energy that will get you up and dancing.  You’re something less than human if you can listen to these tunes without bopping your head and at least giving it a little sway, especially for “(Breakfast on) Gerard” with the hard upbeats and loose jangling guitar.  The album artwork itself is perfect for encapsulating the type of chaotic energy of this album.  It’s that type of “fuck it, we’ll clean that up in the morning” carefree.  Although, I’m guessing, since this is Drunk @ Brunch, it’s already the morning.

Nevertheless, this EP is an excellent exhibition of how effective minimalism can be.  steve. doesn’t waste any time getting down in any of these four songs.  Every track gets off with a bang.  Still, the short duration of each track does not hinder the band’s ability to deliver their message.    The lines “you should’ve know/ that the walls you built are gonna fall down/ and crush your spirit/ I raise my voice so even you can hear it” from the EP’s leading single, “Prom Weekend,” is concise but distinct in it’s story telling in such a way that still solicits a response from the listener.

So give Drunk @ Brunch a listen.  You can probably listen to it through twice during a single shit.  Depends on how much cheese you’ve had today.  Or also how much booze you drank at breakfast.  Either way, the EP is streaming on BandCamp and you can also order a cassette courtesy of Little Game Records.

(337 words.  Not bad.)

Written by Adam

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