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Racket Radio EP 03 with Paul Brushaber and Joey Papa

// Podcasts // February 14, 2018 // Adam

Racket Radio is back again with more sweet rockin’ riffs and nonsensical babbling from some of your favorite local artists.  This week, our guests are Jean Pool bassist Paul Brushaber and Electric Sensei drummer Joey Papa, and I know what you’re thinking, “a bassist and drummer?  It’s only episode 3!”  But Paul and Joey not only happen to be two of the most creative people in the scene, but also are two of the most fun and chill people you could have the fortune of speaking with.  And as an extra special treat, you can come out to Stosh’s in Fairlawn on Friday, February 16 and see Electric Sensei perform with Paul filling in on bass.

In our episode today I talk with Paul and Joey about Paul’s first time crowd surfing, the advantages of having multiple Instagram accounts, why having only one ear plug is useless, and why you should never bring a samurai sword out on a boat in October.  

Featured Music:

  1. Jean Pool – Fluffy
  2. Electric Sensei – Aphrodite
  3. Will Wood and the Tapeworms – White Knuckle Jerk (Where Do You Get Off)
  4. 8on – Juxtaposin
  5. The Carousers – Strangers
  6. Crust – New Software
  7. Mercury Brothers – Safe
  8. Human Music – Bleeding Your Own Blood
  9. Shred Flintstone – Happy Song

Written by Adam

Adam gave man-birth to N.J. Racket and is as close to an "editor-in-chief" the site has. He's a god awful photographer.