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Racket Radio EP 02 with John Cozz & Max Rauch

// Podcasts // February 7, 2018 // Adam

Hey everyone, welcome back for another episode of N.J. Racket’s Racket Radio Podcast.  Joining us for Episode #2 are  two are very popular artists and personalities in the New Jersey DIY scene.  Max Rauch of LKFFCT and NGHTCRWLRS is not only a great artist and performer in his own right, but is a well respected engineer who has worked with some of the best artists New Jersey has to offer, and John Cozz of John Cozz and the Squirts is everybody’s favorite anti-folk turned pop-punk, amateur filmmaker, crab leg enthusiast.  In our episode, Max and Cozz talk about some of their other favorite artists in the scene, irony and sincerity in their songwriting, what their grandmothers think of their music, and how none of us have read Infinite Jest. 


Featured Music:

  1. LKFFCT – Howlin’ Alarm
  2. John Cozz and the Squirts – Walkin
  3. NGHTCRWLRS – Losers
  4. Joy Cleaner – Disposable Outcome
  5. John Cozz and the Squirts – Pink or Green
  6. steve. – (Breakfast On) Gerald
  7. Tru – Kirsti
  8. LKFFCT – Anesthesia
  9. Smock – Chug
  10. Mauch – The Ballad of John Cozz
  11. John Cozz – Happy

Written by Adam

Adam gave man-birth to N.J. Racket and is as close to an "editor-in-chief" the site has. He's a god awful photographer.