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Racket Radio EP 03 with Paul Brushaber and Joey Papa

Racket Radio is back again with more sweet rockin’ riffs and nonsensical babbling from some of your favorite local artists.  This week, our guests are Jean Pool bassist Paul Brushaber and Electric Sensei drummer Joey Papa, and I know what you’re thinking, “a bassist and drummer?  It’s only episode 3!”  But Paul and Joey not only happen to be two of the most creative people in the scene, but also are two of the most fun and chill people you could have the fortune of speaking with.  And as an extra special treat, you can come out to Stosh’s in Fairlawn on Friday, February 16 and see Electric Sensei perform with Paul filling in on bass.

In our episode today I talk with Paul and Joey about Paul’s first time crowd surfing, the advantages of having multiple Instagram accounts, why having only one ear plug is useless, and why you should never bring a samurai sword out on a boat in October.  

American Lions’ Serf Rock is Fit for Kings

It’s pretty common for a band to find their sound and just exist within that niche.  You do something well and you keep doing it.  Play it safe and the fans know what to expect with each album that comes out.  No surprises, no disappointments.  But it takes a certain boldness for an artist to venture outside their wheelhouse and try something new and to allow their music to naturally grow and evolve.  With their new album, Serf Rock, New Brunswick’s American Lions demonstrates that exact boldness. 

You Will Not Not Dig the Double Negatives

If you’re already a fan of the Double Negatives, you’re going to dig their new singles, “My Sun is Setting” and “Commas,” and if you’re new to these guys…well, I’m pretty sure you’re still going to dig them all the same. The five-piece band from Long Beach Island plays with mood and tempo, crafting a specific response in the listener. On this single, that response is something along the lines of “THE WORLD IS SO BLEAK AND I HAVE SO MANY REGRETS”…but, like, in a good way, you know?  It’s cool.  I’ll explain more.

Racket Radio EP 02 with John Cozz & Max Rauch

Hey everyone, welcome back for another episode of N.J. Racket’s Racket Radio Podcast.  Joining us for Episode #2 are  two are very popular artists and personalities in the New Jersey DIY scene.  Max Rauch of LKFFCT and NGHTCRWLRS is not only a great artist and performer in his own right, but is a well respected engineer who has worked with some of the best artists New Jersey has to offer, and John Cozz of John Cozz and the Squirts is everybody’s favorite anti-folk turned pop-punk, amateur filmmaker, crab leg enthusiast.  In our episode, Max and Cozz talk about some of their other favorite artists in the scene, irony and sincerity in their songwriting, what their grandmothers think of their music, and how none of us have read Infinite Jest. 

Video Premiere: Shithead’s Rainbow, Bad

Avant garde punk band Shithead’s Rainbow (SHRB) has released a new music video for “Bad,” the first single off their upcoming album Ludlows, scheduled to be released on February 16 on Mint 400 Records.  I’m unable to describe this band as well as they describe themselves, so allow me to use their own words, “Bayonne trash, with Jersey City style, and Ridgewood cheese, and Newark Bay broth, served by our toxic sunset.”  I don’t know about you, but now I’m fucking hungry.  Grab a snack and enjoy the video below.

Snakeskin Comes of Age with Hangnail

There’s really absolutely nothing from my high school years that I want to share with you people.  I was dumb and lame and everything was way more dramatic leading such a shortsighted life.  Not I’m doing particularly great in adulthood – my father would be glad to fill you in on everything I’m fucking up – but the teenage years were a special kind of unmitigated embarrassment.   While I’m sure that this is relatable to many of you, the fact is that some brave souls have the strength to handle this differently, which deserves a a great deal of respect and admiration.

Snakeskin’s upcoming LP, Hangnail, will be released on February 16 on State Champion Records and will consist of six songs Snake had wrote back in her high school years that will finally be getting an official studio treatment courtesy of James Meder.  Snakeskin has made several bedroom recordings in the past, but the move to the studio with Hangnail has helped propel the band forward with what will be their second release on State Champion Records, following I Love My Room, released in April of last year.