Interview with Dentist’s Justin Bornemann

One of the most high-profile artists set to perform at Saturday’s North Jersey Indie Rock Festival is Asbury Park’s Dentist, representing Little Dickman Records.  The surf rock outfit currently has two full length albums in their catalog, a self-titled release in 2014 and Ceilings which was released in the summer of 2016.  It will certainly be a treat to have the Jersey Shore band make a special trip up to Hudson county to grace the stage with so many other talented artists.  So much so that I made a point to reach out and get their thoughts on the event, the scene, and any plans they have for upcoming material.  Check out the interview with Justin Bornemann below.


The Brixton Riot Single Premiere: Can’t Stop Now

The Brixton Riot are quite a while removed from their previous release, Palace Amusements, which came out in 2012, but the band has clearly not lost their touch.  On October 6, The Brixton Riot will be delivering Close Counts, recorded and engineered by the one and only J. Robbins, to be released on Mint 400 Records.  The album is 11 tracks of good, old-fashioned, 70’s inspired power-pop, complete with driving guitar riffs, sing-along vocals, and rhythm that’ll get your feet moving and keep ‘em moving till the last note.

“But, N.J. Racket, how are we supposed to wait until October 6?  The anticipation is killing us!”

You won’t have to wait.  We’re giving you the album’s first single, “Can’t Stop Now,” right now!


Exclusive Interview with LKFFCT’s Brian Legentil

For anyone that hasn’t been paying attention, LKFFCT is one of the state’s premier indie bands.  For years now, the band has been captivating audiences with some of the most impassioned and energetic performances the underground stage has ever seen.  The experimental stoner punk band is preparing to followup their 2016 release, The Flower Investment Pawn, with a new LP, Dawn Chorus,  and have just released the first single, “Hatchling.”  As expected, people have already been losing their shit over it.

For this interview, I chatted with LKFFCT’s bringer of bass, Brian Legentil about the upcoming release, future tour dates, the upcoming North Jersey Indie Rock Festival, and what he thinks of people who like Aerosmith.


North Jersey Indie Rock Festival: Lineup Set Times

Alright everyone, here’s the deal.  I don’t want any of you, not a single person, to have any excuse for missing their favorite band next Saturday at the (takes a deep breath) Second Annual North Jersey Indie Rock Festival at Cathedral Hall on Montgomery Street in Jersey City (advance tickets available here), and as such we’ve decided to post the complete rundown of ALL 24 BANDS.

As you already know, the festival will have two stages.  The stage downstairs will be the JONATHAN LeVINE PROJECTS STAGE and the upstairs stage will be the N.J. RACKET STAGE.  Pretty god damn baller right?  Also, be sure to give the festival playlist a listen, posted below the lineup and order your festival t-shirt HERE!


Interview with Ana Becker and Lyzi Wakefield of Fruit & Flowers

One of the bands I am genuinely the most excited to be seeing at the Second Annual North Jersey Indie Rock Festival this coming Saturday is Fruit & Flowers, a Brooklyn-based band who released their debut EP, Drug Tax, earlier in the summer on Little Dickman Records.  Fruit & Flowers brings a really unique surfy, experimental, noise-punk sound that is truly unlike anything else I’ve ever heard, while still expertly crafting infectiously catchy tunes.

I was absolutely thrilled to be able to speak with the band’s two guitarists, Ana Becker and Lyzi Wakefield, ahead of the indie fest about Drug Tax, touring, Little Dickman, their Audiotree performance, Twin Peaks, the importance of DIY, and Ancient Greek mythology.  Check out what they had to say and be sure to come check out Fruit & Flowers, along with the other twenty-three mega-talented bands, September 23 at the North Jersey Indie Rock Fest at Cathedral Hall in Jersey City. 


Underlined Passages, Tandi My Dicafi Pre-Release Review

Turn those frowns upside down kids! Jamaal Turner and Michael Nestor of Underlined Passages release their new album, Tandi My Dicafi, tomorrow, September 15 on Mint 400 Records, and it is a serious winner. In only eight songs, this album delivers a cathartic experience with barely contained emotion, sure to satisfy even the dreariest of moods.

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