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A Cool Island Song by aBIRD

With the release of his debut full length album approaching, aBIRD premiered his third, and final, single “A Cool Island Song” on the heels of recent releases “Polluto” and “The Sun and the Moon.”  A lot has been made in the past year about the artistic turn made by Adam Bird.  He’s adopted an electro pop sound which he employs so uniquely and proficiently.  The beats are catchy and the composition is tight and succinct.  However, different still from the past two singles, “A Cool Island Songs” features a lighter, tropical swing to juxtapose the more straight ahead pieces.

Racket Radio EP 07 with Shred Flintstone and Smock

Shred Flintstone and Smock have already arrived in Austin, Texas for SXSW, but before they left, Dan Barrecchia, Zach Inkley, and Jesse Benicaso sat down to talk about the festival and their plans to rep the Jersey indie scene.  Besides the upcoming tour and festival, we get into some interesting topics of conversation like sending heartfelt DM’s to celebrities on Instagram, chasing tornadoes in Nebraska, Miller High Life sponsorships, Jesse’s future as a magician, why they all hate John Cozz, why they all love Max Rauch, why they all love John Cozz, and living life as an interstellar nobody.

Thank you to everyone that’s been tuning in for the past couple months.  The response we’ve gotten to Racket Radio has surpassed everything we had hoped for and we truly appreciate that anyone at all gives a shit.  This episode marks the end of Season 1, but we will be back soon with another round of episodes from some more great artists, so stay tuned in and keep an ear out for that.

Hit Like A Girl – My Parent’s Basement Sessions

Finding true sincerity in songwriting is often like trying to hold water in the palm of your hand.  You know it, you see it, yet it still seems nearly impossible hold and obtain.  Nicolle Maroulis has found a way in their project Hit Like A Girl with the band’s debut release You Make Sense.  Hit Like A Girl started as a solo, acoustic act but in a short amount of time has evolved into a full band arrangement with a full and explosive sound. 

Racket Radio EP 06 with Well Wisher and Ragged Lines

For episode 6, Racket Radio heads to a land down under – Asbury Park, New Jersey.  Joined this week by Natalie Newbold of Well Wisher, Carter Henry of Ragged Lines, and Lucas Dalakian of both Well Wisher and Ragged Lines, we dive into some good tunes from some of the area’s best bands and talk about recording music with Erik Romero, where’s the boundary between central and south Jersey, how incredibly talented Erik Romero is, why shows need to start earlier, how much great music was produced by Erik Romero in the past year, why you should roast your friends, what makes Erik Romero the best engineer in the state, and how to Airbnb a recording studio (hint: it involves Erik Romero).  As always, thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the episode.

Secretary Legs Release Cool Myths

New Brunswick’s Secretary Legs have been making some waves in the past few years with the release of two EPs coupled with a busy performance schedule spotted with some short tours.  Though comprised of members of former New Jersey stalwarts Brick Mower and the Soft Maybes, the band was patient in developing and refining their sound, working towards the conception of an album that would really stand out.  That album, Cool Myths, was released last Friday on Sniffling Indie Kids.

N.J. Racket Makes Stoshs Home Again

Two Fridays ago, N.J. Racket hosted a show at one of our favorite spots, Stosh’s in Fairlawn, New Jersey, with the help of our good friends Mint 400 Records.  The show had a little bit of everything that has come to be expected since this venue has taken off as one of the best spots in North Jersey.  Electric Sensei brought the weird, Ruby Bones rocked out, Guilty Giraffe cranked up the volume, Joy Cleaner made it dance, and John Cozz got really drunk.  Like my grandmother used to always say, “Blame it on the alcohol.”