You Should be Dancing to “Currents” by Early Riser

Today we are featuring a new album by Brooklyn locals Early Riser, a folk-punk band WITH A CELLO.

…Oh, okay. I’ve been informed that while I might not need to say any more, I’m going to anyway.

Early Riser was recently on tour with The Homeless Gospel Choir, with a stops in Rockaway at Backroom Studios and Asbury Park at The Saint. Their debut LP, Currents (available on seafoam green vinyl from Anchorless Records), combines tight harmonies, boisterous and poppy beats, and of course Heidi Vanderlee shredding the cello.


Jonathan LeVine Projects Announced as North Jersey Indie Rock Fest Sponsor

N.J. Racket is beyond honored to announce that Jersey City’s own Jonathan LeVine Projects will be a sponsor of Mint 400 Records and Sniffling Indie Kids’ Second Annual North Jersey Indie Rock Festival.  Owner and proprietor Jonathan LeVine is known internationally as one of the pioneers of the street art movement in the early 2000s, and his gallery is considered to be one of the premiere galleries in the world for transgressive and subversive pop surrealism. 


Exclusive Interview with Derek Zanetti of The Homeless Gospel Choir

Last Sunday, The Homeless Gospel Choir played their first of two New Jersey shows with Early Riser and ManDancing at Backroom Studios in Rockaway and the second show will be on Thursday at The Saint in Asbury Park. 


Decoration’s More Piles is Everything You Need

More Piles, by New Brunswick punks Decoration, is the type of album you didn’t know you were missing until you got it, and now you can’t live without it.  These tunes and riffs have a way of burrowing inside your brain and listening to this album becomes another involuntary habit, like biting your nails, smoking a cigarette, drunk texting your ex at 3am.  Looping More Piles over and over all day just becomes something you need to do. 


Dock Watch Hollow Brings You Anything Acoustic

Anything Acoustic is the debut EP from duo Dock Watch Hollow, released in March. True to the title, this EP offers four acoustic alt-rock-emo tracks to help you relive the glory days of the mid two thousand ought’s.

“20 Years” sets the tone with a hard-strumming guitar riff under introspective lyrics. Sunny Nogueira’s vocals are raw and growling, giving this song a more jagged, unpolished, lo-fi quality. Truthfully, the more I listened to Sunny’s biting, grinding voice, the more I wanted to listen to it. It’s satisfying and cathartic to hear him rasp out, “No, I’m not the type of person you should talk to every day,“ before slamming into a danceable mini-breakdown.


N.J. Racket will be the Official Media Sponsor of the 2017 North Jersey Indie Rock Festival

N.J. Racket has been selected by Mint 400 Records founder Neil Sabatino and Sniffling Indie Kids co-founder Frank DeFranco to be the official media sponsor of the 2017 North Jersey Indie Rock Festival to be held on September 23 at Cathedral Hall in Jersey City. 

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