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More Tunes From N.J. Racket’s Favorites

We are pleased to share these few tracks from our last few weeks, having added even more great local artists to our coverage.  You’ll probably love them all…

Rosey Bengal Takes You on a Ride



Rosey Bengal’s eponymous album is a road trip, on a spooky nighttime ride down misty, winding mountain roads andlonely highways. It’s raining and you’re sad, not because you have anything to be sad about but because it sometimes feels good to be a little sad when it’s rain
ing. And also because Rosey Bengal knows how to make being sad feel so good.

Cant Miss Tracks From Our First Two Weeks

On the off chance that you haven’t checked out any of these bands yet, and you think we’re here just spewing bullshit, here is a playlist compiled from some of my favorite tracks recorded by the first few bands we covered.  Educate yourself.  Check it out.

Toy Cars EP Release in the State’s Best Venue and in Good Company

Toy Cars organized the show in a New Brunswick basement to celebrate the release of their new EP, Sleeping Patterns, which I reviewed last week.  They assembled a lineup of three other incredibly talented and diverse bands to play the show with them: ManDancing, dollys, and Hodera.  I had been looking forward to this show since I saw Toy Cars and dollys perform at the North Jersey Indie Rock Festival, so I decided to roll deep and brought two photographers with me (how many friends do you have?) to best capture every second of the action. 

Screaming Females Continue to Thrill in the Garden State

I’ve seen shows in more basements and attics than I can remember.  I’ve seen countless bands whose names I’ve never bothered to note.  I’ve pulled band stickers out from under my couch and had no idea at all where they came from.  I normally know what to expect when I go to a show.  I just hope it’s good.  Sometimes I get lucky and it’s really good, so then I write about it here.  Tonight I left a show and thought to myself, “Holy shit, that might be the greatest show I’ve ever seen.”  That’s what happens when a band the caliber of Screaming Females plays a venue like The Kilkenny Alehouse in Newark. 

Sleeping Patterns by Toy Cars is a Jersey Songwriting Instant Classic

SleepingPatternsCoverFinal copy

New Brunswick’s Toy Cars released their latest five track EP, Sleeping Patterns, under the Sniffling Indie Kids label this past Friday, September 16, 2016. It has been made available on Spotify, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud for your listening enjoyment.  I’ve played this EP top to bottom a few times already, really just digging the vibe and tone of the whole thing.  The album exhibits soulful and vivid storytelling, which is characteristic of so many great New Jersey songwriters before them.