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ManDancing is the Perfect Band to Remedy Your Shitty Week

Last week was a rough one for me.  I’ve been commuting and working long hours, got my finals coming up, caught a cold, and tried to mix in holiday preparation on top of it all.  It was the kind of week where, when Friday comes around, you don’t want to be bothered with any more bullshit – just let go and melt into some good tunes.

ManDancing was having their own problems.  They were originally slated to play a different show in New Brunswick, but those plans fell through the day before, leaving them to scramble last-minute to try and find a venue willing to put them on.  Of course, they were able to find one, because they’re ManDancing, and they fucking rock.

Come Hang Out With LKFFCT

the-flower-investment-pawnI turned on LKFFCT’s newest album, The Flower Investment Pawn, and listened to it once, all the way through. Then I did it again. And again. Because I became so charmed by these four guys and their obvious tight friendship. It made me want to hang out with them. Which is weird, because I don’t like hanging out with anyone. That’s how good this album is.

Behind the Scenes of the Sandbrook Video Shoot with Rocky and the Chapter

Last weekend I got to hang with Rocky and the Chapter for the filming of their new music video for the song “Sandbrook,” which came off their latest album, Aye.  This is technically the second video from the album.  Back in October, the band released a video for the track “Go for Gold,” which was made entirely of old national geographic film footage spliced together, and it’s pretty badass in its own right. 

N.J. Racket Playlist – November 26, 2016

In the past few weeks we’ve gotten a ton of new music from old favorites and a few new bands have popped up on the N.J. Racket radar.  Check it out for yourself.

The Meatlocker is a Punk Rock Oasis

Montclair is kind of a bougie city.  Upper Mountain Road is where all the Mr. Burns-esq villainous rich people live and look down the mountain at all the dirty poor people. Bloomfield Avenue is lined with fancy antiques and craft stores and designer clothing stores filled with young attractive white yuppie couples, who aspire to live on Upper Mountain Road and probably never will, wearing pea coats and furry earmuffs, who might stop in at Fricassee French Bistro to have the $34 Sole Meunier for dinner.  However, if you live in Montclair, go to Montclair State University, or live in the greater Montclair area and you don’t fit into this aforementioned stereotype, fortunately, there is a place for you too.  Conveniently located (essentially) in the basement of Fricassee, is The Meatlocker.

Whiner’s Forever Is About My Life


I caught Whiner’s performance at the Cat Circus a few weeks back, which was a celebration of NGHTCRWLRS’ new album, Raging Hot, and Young Legs’ new single, Ring of Salt.  The fact that Whiner would be releasing their own album, Forever, the following week was completely understated, which is apropos for the album itself.