I’ve Got a Crush on Young Legs’ Ring of Salt

ring-of-saltThe closest I’ve ever come to listening to prog rock regularly was playing The Moody Blues’ On the Threshold of a Dream over and over when I was in junior high and felt the overwhelming need to light candles and write in my journal because I just had so many feelings. I did also work at a Renaissance Faire one summer (not last summer, I swear), but that wasn’t exactly for the music either. Is that the same? Regardless, Young Legs’ new single, Ring of Salt, has made me a serious fan of their particular prog rock/indie folk style.


Wild Night at the Cat Circus

This past Saturday about fifty people crowded into The Cat Circus, a basement venue in North Jersey, to celebrate the release of Young Legs’ single, Ring of Salt, and NGHTCRWLRS’ new album, Raging Hot.  I typically make mention of our habit of running late to just about every show we go to, but we ended up being embarrassingly early to this one.  We were so early that Cooper and I sat in the only two chairs available in the basement and didn’t feel bad that anyone else had to stand.


Aye by Rocky and the Chapter is All Balls and Heart

rocky-and-the-chapter-ayeRocky and the Chapter released their new four track EP, Aye, back on October 28, and it’s a shame it has taken me this long to write the review.  I listened to it the day it was released.  I even sent Rocky a message on Facebook because it hadn’t been uploaded yet and I was waiting for it.  I’m very impatient, especially when it comes to new music I’ve been looking forward to. 


In Case You Missed Some…

Here’s another chance to catch some of the sick talented artists we’ve covered in the past few weeks.  Check it out!

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The Screaming Females and Moor Mother Leave It All On Stage

For as many shows as N.J. Racket has covered in the past couple of months since our inception, it’s unfortunate that Carrie, the site’s invaluable editor, has been unable to attend any of them, as she currently resides in Lancaster, PA in 1693.  Luckily, the indie rock gods smiled down upon us and routed The Screaming Females and Moor Mother’s tour through the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA.  When I realized this, I immediately got Carrie’s husband, a childhood friend of mine, on the phone and demanded that we all go to the show.


We Heard the Women Roar at The Saint

Hear Me Roar Women Artists along with Asbury Park’s The Saint hosted Electric, an all-female rock showcase featuring seven – yeah, friggin seven – of the best female-fronted acts in the area, including Tara Dente, Bone and Marrow, Emily Grove, Ila Minori, Girl, Jane, and Bi Tyrant.  Hear Me Roar is planning a series of events in the greater New Jersey/New York area in an effort to promote and connect women artists, and if you get the chance to check out a show, I highly recommend it based on the wealth of talent we saw at this show.

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