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Dock Watch Hollow Brings You Anything Acoustic

Anything Acoustic is the debut EP from duo Dock Watch Hollow, released in March. True to the title, this EP offers four acoustic alt-rock-emo tracks to help you relive the glory days of the mid two thousand ought’s.

“20 Years” sets the tone with a hard-strumming guitar riff under introspective lyrics. Sunny Nogueira’s vocals are raw and growling, giving this song a more jagged, unpolished, lo-fi quality. Truthfully, the more I listened to Sunny’s biting, grinding voice, the more I wanted to listen to it. It’s satisfying and cathartic to hear him rasp out, “No, I’m not the type of person you should talk to every day,“ before slamming into a danceable mini-breakdown.

N.J. Racket will be the Official Media Sponsor of the 2017 North Jersey Indie Rock Festival

N.J. Racket has been selected by Mint 400 Records founder Neil Sabatino and Sniffling Indie Kids co-founder Frank DeFranco to be the official media sponsor of the 2017 North Jersey Indie Rock Festival to be held on September 23 at Cathedral Hall in Jersey City. 

Jean Pool Saves the Elephants and DIY

I’m writing this review of Jean Pool’s new album, Save the Elephants, and the subsequent album release extravaganza about an hour after leaving the show.  I regret that it’s taken me even this long to do it, but I felt that it was urgent to get in the shower as soon as possible to wash away any chance of ringworm.  It was hot, humid night in a building with no AC, fans, or open windows, filled with sweaty, moshing punks.  It’s that kind of show filth that you don’t notice until after the encore, the lights come on, and you make the transition from Teen Wolf back into a somewhat functional member of society.  But, now that I’ve done all I can to mitigate the risk of fungal infections – Jean Pool.

Quality Living’s New Single “Oh No” Will Make You Say “Oh Yes”

Pretty sure everyone could do with a sweet-sounding, summery song to make your problems feel small and far away. Luckily for all of us, Quality Living has released just the thing.  The new single, “Oh No,” released on Sniffling Indie Kids, is a catchy, toe-tappin’ indie track. With its gently syncopated beat, this shoegazy tune offers dreamy lyrics over some flashy guitar and keyboard. The infectious chorus that will stay in your head for days builds to a crescendo in the more raucous bridge before dropping you softly back on the ground with a couple last licks from the keyboard.

Smock Gets Messy

Last week, at the recently re-opened Meatlocker, the newly formed local super-group Smock arrived on the scene with a riotous set.  Sandwiched between established commodity LKFFCT and fellow new-comers Shred Flintstone, it was the highly anticipated first appearance of Smock, comprised of members from Kult of Mary, Whiner, and Sunflower, that brought the crowd out in force.

A Bird’s “Polluto” Says What it Means To

Adam Bird, formerly of Those Mockingbirds, has gone solo as A Bird and dropped a single last week, released by Mint 400 Records. “Polluto” is the first of the string of 2017 releases Bird teased in his interview with N.J Racket in February, and dudes, it’s pretty killer.

With an almost bluesy rock intensity behind him, Bird sings with raw emotion, “I don’t care, I’m never giving up/Starting over is still starting somewhere.” This song strikes me as anthemic, as a declaration, as the mission statement for the music we will see from A Bird. Between the slamming riff, the shrieking synth, the droning guitar over the chorus, and the piano that comes in adding a sense of urgency above the rest, this track gives so much energy and makes a powerful first impression.