The Cartwheelers Get Gnarly on Killing Horse Records

The Cartwheelers released their first EP, The Cartwheelers, last week on Killing Horse Records. Three songs. Two dudes. One question: Why aren’t you listening to it right now?

Kevin McSorely and Stefan Dias are like the surf-punk version of the White Stripes, but like, if instead of Meg on the drums, they had Animal from the Muppets.  Yeah, that friggin good. These two offer a surprisingly full sound for two people, and with music that’s eminently head-bangable, melodic enough to be danceable, and manic but controllable, I am 100% certain that sweat is flying and bodies are slamming at their live shows.

I’ll admit that I could hardly understand a damn word that emanated from McSorely’s undoubtedly raw vocal chords, but that’s not what it’s about. From the first riff of “Skateboard Psychedelia,” these tracks will sweep you up in a frenetic wave, toss you around, and spit you back out to a deafening silence, the refrain of “Convertible” still ringing in your ears as you say, “Wait, that’s it?”

Yeah, if by “it” you mean a sweet little nugget of pure energy and surf swing, eight minutes of unrelenting musical mania, then yeah, that is “it.”  But I guarantee that’ll be plenty…for now.

The Cartwheelers is available now for your listening pleasure on Bandcamp.