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Surprise of the Century Releases The Disabled Ableist

// Music, Review // October 11, 2017 // Adam

New Jersey three-piece Surprise of the Century released the first single off their upcoming eponymous EP with a show at Pianos on October 1.  The single, titled “The Disabled Ableist,” was recorded by The Meatlocker’s Dan Rivas and mixed and mastered by Young Legs’ Steven Donohue.  The EP will be the band’s first formal release since their demo was released in November of last year.

One of the area’s most active DIY bands, Surprise of the Century has been gracing the stages of The Meatlocker, Clash Bar, and Boontunes for over a year, while frontman Sean Ritz is also known to book one hell of a show on his own.  The band is overdue for a proper release, and I’m personally very excited to see what they have lined up for us.

Surprise of the Century’s sound has a raw nostalgia feel to it, highlighted specifically on this track by the lyrical guitar riff that introduces the song.  The vocals are dynamic and emotional.  The chorus of “but what can I say/ I guess I let this apathy take a hold of me/ and the old me who I only see in the mirror every now and again/ is trying ever so hard to make a guest appearance” speaks to guitarist and vocalist Sean Ritz’s own self awareness to his fears and insecurities.

Be sure to keep an eye and ear out for Surprise of the Century’s release of their debut self-titled EP, but in the meantime, be sure to head on over to their Bandcamp page and give “The Disabled Ableist” a listen.

Written by Adam

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