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Snakeskin Comes of Age with Hangnail

// Music, Review // February 2, 2018 // Adam

There’s really absolutely nothing from my high school years that I want to share with you people.  I was dumb and lame and everything was way more dramatic leading such a shortsighted life.  Not I’m doing particularly great in adulthood – my father would be glad to fill you in on everything I’m fucking up – but the teenage years were a special kind of unmitigated embarrassment.   While I’m sure that this is relatable to many of you, the fact is that some brave souls have the strength to handle this differently, which deserves a a great deal of respect and admiration.

Snakeskin’s upcoming LP, Hangnail, will be released on February 16 on State Champion Records and will consist of six songs Snake had wrote back in her high school years that will finally be getting an official studio treatment courtesy of James Meder.  Snakeskin has made several bedroom recordings in the past, but the move to the studio with Hangnail has helped propel the band forward with what will be their second release on State Champion Records, following I Love My Room, released in April of last year. 

Snake has undeniably made some changes in her songwriting with this release.  Where previously the songs featured mellow vocals and natural guitar tones, Hangnail is a more raucous endeavor utilizing fuzzy guitars and feedback howling like a banshee which works to bring to life the teenage angst that this album exudes.  This is perhaps best exemplified in “Calories,” which will melt your face right off with waves of distorted dissonance packed into each bridge.

“Two Pesos” feels like a throwback to 80’s stoner, garage rock with sludgy guitars and throaty legato vocals on top of a heavy beat you’ll bang your head so hard to your brain will bounce off your skull.  Transitioning to “Alone in a Crowded Room,” the the mood is brought back down and the focus is shifted to the sincere and melancholy vocals while the guitars are cleared up for a more lyrical melody in contrast to the other tracks of the album.

You can pre-order your Snakeskin, Hangnail vinyl now from State Champion Records and it is still not to late to get your ticket to go see Snakeskin perform live at Monty Hall with the Screaming Females on February 23.

Written by Adam

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