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Single Premiere: “Freak of Nature” by C.R. and the Degenerates

// Music, Review // October 18, 2017 // Adam

There are a few certain things in this world that just feel right. Kinda like the momma bear’s porridge (and Johnny Cash), they walk the line of being too hot or too cold, strange or familiar, mellow or upbeat.  So too does C.R. and the Degenerates new single, “Freak of Nature,” off their upcoming album The World According to C.R., which will be released by Sniffling Indie Kids in January 2018. 

“Freak of Nature” has all the familiarity and comfort you’ve come to expect from C.R. and the Degenerates, while still finding ways to incorporate new features and styles to the tune.  The song is also rich with internal juxtaposition tonally between soft and somber moments accented with crashing, aggressive choruses.  If “Freak of Nature” is a sign of things to come, it would seem that C.R. and the boys have taken significant leaps forward in their songwriting for The World According to C.R.

The track features Fair Panic’s Tory Anne Daines on violin, as well as Joy Cleaner’s Joey DeGroot on guitar and Kyle Wilkerson with backing vocals to compliment Chris Gennone’s lead vocals.  The band has always flaunted a special Americana sound, but the inclusion of the violin enhances the nostalgic and sentimental feeling, which had already been a strength of their music.

The lyrics speak of a mature coming of age story about the tragedy of accepting and facing your station in life with lines like “You and I will never be rich/ Because we throw it all away.”  There’s a crescendo in the chorus, coinciding with the turbulence of emotion in the lyrics “I’m a freak of nature/ Looking for a dream of my own/ So many people tell me how to live my life/ And I tell ‘em there’s nothing sweeter/ Than to know that you care.”

Gennone has told me that The World According to C.R. will be the final C.R. and the Degenerates album, but don’t fear.  The entire crew of Gennone, James Abbott, Harrison Bieth, John Crane, and Evan Luberger will be back with a new band, new sound, and new identity in 2018.  “C.R. and the Degenerates started as a solo project which has become more of a band,” Gennone said.  “The new songs will have a different sound and wanted its own identity so to speak.

Written by Adam

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