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Shred Flintstone Drops Cartoon Physics on You Fools

// Music, Shows // June 1, 2017 // Cozz

Have you ever watched the Flintstones or eaten Fruity Pebbles? Well then, I’m sure you must’ve heard that SHRED FLINTSTONE has come out with their first EP, Cartoon Physics, released on the Sniffling Indie Kids label. For those who aren’t in the know, Shred Flintstone is the spawn of Jean Pool guitarist Dan Barrechia with Bridget Bakie on bass and Joey Giambra on drums.  Cartoon physics is the perfect album for the summer.  These five songs will get you dancing before the opening, “Happy Song,” even comes to an end.  This first track has such a nostalgic feel to it, I can almost convince myself that when I was twelve my friends and I used to dance in my bedroom to it while Jason Biggs made sloppy love to a pie.

To continue that “only 90’s kids will understand this” feeling comes the second song, “Buggin’.” There’s something about this quick paced chord progression that as soon as the drums kick in, I can see a movie montage of kids getting back at their high school principal.  Yeah, a principal because high school sucked and Shred would want you to nail that sonuva bitch with a piss balloon.

But more on Shred.  The final track on this album, “You Don’t Know Me,” is the perfect anti-social anthem. I was surprised when Barrecchia told me that he almost didn’t put it on the album. To me, this song is about those kids that complain about how much the scene sucks, because hating the scene is considered to be cool and all that bullshit. But those who actually enjoy the vibe feel like the outsiders because they’re in some weird sort of catch 22 where if you like it you’re not apart of it but if you hate it you’re IN. That’s my interpretation of it at least.

Kudos to Shred Flintstone on their first release. But, we can’t forget, a great album needs a great release, and  Rory Macleod put together a great show at the Index Art Center with a fail proof line up, Gabbi Carson, myself (John Cozz), Goats, Shred and Lkfcct. You could see how this would be a great show right?

As Shred began their set Dan talked about how he was feeling kind of down earlier that day but Bridget had talked him off the ledge. I’m no pschyamatherpistologyst or nothing, but I’m sure that after Dan noticed the crowd’s reaction to his music, he had a quick change of heart. By the end of their set, he was totally feeling it and just doing what he does.  He was jumping, he was dancing, he was shredding.

At some point during the set, I reluctantly went to the bathroom as Dan began to talk about their music video for “Happy Song,” and he said something about me wearing a wedding dress.  But I totally missed it, because again, I was in the bathroom, so if someone could tell me what you said, that be cool. Thanks

So just to wrap this heap of a post in a pretty little bow, I’d like to congratulate Dan, Bridget, and Joey, once again, on a job well done on this banger of an album. Of course, thank you to Sniffling Indie Kids and Max Rauch for making it possible for us to enjoy the album. Thank you to Rory for booking their release show and Lowell of Index Art Center for allowing it to happen.  Thanks to all the musicians who played that show, it was a really fun one.  And finally, thanks to all the people that came out.  Peace love and Shred.

Written by Cozz

Cozz is a local musician, artist, and skater, who decided that he wasn’t doing enough cool shit and decided to join the N.J. Racket team.