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Secretary Legs Release Cool Myths

// Music, Review // March 5, 2018 // Adam

New Brunswick’s Secretary Legs have been making some waves in the past few years with the release of two EPs coupled with a busy performance schedule spotted with some short tours.  Though comprised of members of former New Jersey stalwarts Brick Mower and the Soft Maybes, the band was patient in developing and refining their sound, working towards the conception of an album that would really stand out.  That album, Cool Myths, was released last Friday on Sniffling Indie Kids.

Throughout Cool Myths, Secretary Legs manages to bend, defy, and fuse genres in such a way that keeps the listener engaged and attentive throughout the entire collection.  Tracks like “Nursing Home” and “Bruiser,” both carry overs from the band’s previous EP Summer Hiatus, have the light, bopping swing of early 90’s power pop anthems which is transformed into a more heavy, pulsing beat of “Windblown and Well Versed” and “Rerun Summer,” recalling the punk revival.

The band also finds the room to open things up and get creative in many spots.  “Plow the Atlas” is carried by K.G. Gogan’s vocals, which lays a floating melody over the thumping guitar and bass.  Other spots are highlighted by Dash Coom’s wailing guitar, such as the solo at the end of “Wooden Crawl.”  The scrambling tonal dissonance of the guitar atop the steady bass and drums creates the most sense of urgency and feel of kinetic energy, which provides an effective contrast to the more boppy and danceable pop tracks.

Cool Myths is an absolute must listen, and subsequently must own, for such a wide range of music fans with melody after melody that continue to defy expectations and transcend the common tropes of any singular genre.  Check it out now on Bandcamp and check out Secretary Legs at upcoming gigs on March 23 and March 31.

Written by Adam

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