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Screaming Females Release Black Moon

// Music, Review // September 28, 2017 // Adam

Two weeks ago, the Screaming Females secretly released twenty-four vinyl copies of their new single “Black Moon” at New Brunswick’s Spina Records.  Last week, “Black Moon” was released for streaming on Spotify, and who would’ve guessed – its fucking amazing.

“Black Moon” is the band’s first release since their widely acclaimed 2015 album Rose Mountain.  It’s worth noting, that in the eleven years since their debut release, Baby Teeth, the Screaming Females have released six full length albums, two EPs, and a live album, not to mention their seemingly ceaseless touring schedule.  

While only four minutes long, “Black Moon” feels like it could’ve easily been a full EP, with distinct and varied musical shifts between the intro, verse, chorus, and bridge.  Yet, despite these shifts, the song still maintains a very cohesive presentation.  Such an anomaly speaks to the true genius of the Screaming Females songwriting craft.

In many ways, “Black Moon” has a very different sound than the band’s previous releases.  The most prevalent is the punky reliance more so on the rhythmic drivers of the bass and drums than the straight ahead guitar-rock the band is most well known for.  However, this single is easily and undeniably identifiable as a Screaming Females track, and while the band has clearly experimented with new sounds, manage to remain unchanged in the values that define them.

The Screaming Females have just set sail on a new tour across the United States and Canada, playing thirty-four shows in thirty-five days, which is really just fucking silly, but Marissa, Mike, and Jarrett are due all the respect in the world for being undeniably one of the hardest working bands in the game.

If you’re behind, and still haven’t checked out “Black Moon,” I’ve gone ahead and did the nice guy thing and linked the stream below.  Now you don’t need to listen to anything else this weekend.  You’re welcome.

Written by Adam

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