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New EP From Fascinations Grand Chorus

// Music, Review // December 8, 2017 // Adam

Fascinations Grand Chorus’ third EP, Anglesea, comes out today, Friday, December 8th, a self-described “audio experiment of pop stylings.” This EP features the band’s range of styles, yet still feels cohesive. Despite their competitive songwriting, there’s no hint of tension on this EP; it flows smoothly track after track.

Starting out with “When You’re Mine,” the duo gives us an accessible door into the rest of the album, with familiar light, muted vocals and rollicking indie-pop feel. Its fluid, upbeat chord progressions make the song seem like a carefree trip through a jellybean forest (you know, one of the many Great Jellybean Forests of North America). It’s got that delicious indie pop feel, with Stephanie’s light vocals and Andrew’s lively drums. Combined with Stephanie’s killer keyboard, the result is a sound much larger than you’d expect from two people.

“Anglesea” reveals a darker, lo-fi side of the EP. Lines seem to wilt and fray into dissonance toward the end, yet Stephanie maintains power in her voice to the very end. With “Sundown,” we have a ballad that might play in the background of that scene in a John Hughes movie when it looks like it’s all over for our heroine, but then she spots the guy across the room and their eye contact sizzles. “Sundown, now we’re older/We’re just the same, only colder,” Stephanie sings, a lovely melancholy doo-wop that feels so good.

Clean and bright, Fascinations Grand Chorus offers a nostalgic sound that will keep your head bopping and lyrics that will be stuck in your head ‘til spring. Give this delightful EP a listen, and check out all of Fascinations Grand Chorus’ music on Bandcamp or SoundCloud.

Written by Adam

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