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Mutual Interest Single Release: Sunset on a Perfect Day

// Music, Review // November 9, 2017 // Adam

On of my biggest pet peeves is when band’s are defined in terms of other bands instead of given the credit for their own individuality and creativity.  When you read things like “They sound like Green Day,” it’s usually bull shit because even Green Day doesn’t sound like Green Day anymore, but that’s a conversation for another time.  Point being, I was a little ashamed of myself when I listened to Mutual Interest‘s upcoming album Better Than I Expected and immediately thought to myself “holy shit! they sound like The Smiths….sans Morrissey’s pretentiousness.”  But so much that made so many people fall in love with The Smiths is present in Mutual Interest, from the jangling post-punk riffs to the melodramatic new wave tones, and if you doubt me, listen for yourself.  The premiere of their single “Sunset on a Perfect Day” is streaming below.

I would find out later that Mutual Interest actually started as a one-time Smith’s cover band (which totally validates my first impression) and the guys decided that they were too damn good at this to not explore writing some original material.  Judging by the title of their first album, the results were better than they had expected, and while I of course can’t speak for the band’s expectations of themselves, I agree the album is pretty friggin good.

Better Than I Expected was recorded and produced by Brian Maguire and mastered by Nick Bolton.  The album is due to be released tomorrow, November 10 on Sniffling Indie Kids and Mint 400 Records and will be marked with a show at Stosh’s in Fairlawn along with label-mates LKFFCT, Yawn Mower, Shred Flintstone, and Professor Caveman.  I’m expecting to see you there.

Written by Adam

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