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Modern Chemistry’s “Everything In Gold” is a Masterpiece

// Music, Review // July 21, 2017 // Cooper

This is the second review of Modern Chemistry I’ve written in the last year. I’ll be the first to tell you I know next to nothing about music (and not much more about anything else), but I do some woodworking in my spare time so I can appreciate genuine craftsmanship and artistry and those two qualities epitomize Modern Chemistry’s new album, Everything in Gold.”

The day this album released, I couldn’t get my headphones in fast enough. I listened to ‘Everything in Gold’ beginning to end twice through that first day and continue to be impressed as I listen to the album. The tone of the band remains the same yet the sound has evolved.

Modern Chemistry is currently on tour with Taking Back Sunday and Every Time I Die, I’m most looking forward to the next time we can catch these guys at the Saint or even in a New Brunswick basement, because the only thing better than one of the best bands in the state releasing new music is getting to see it performed up close and personal. Listening to the song “I Can’t Take Myself Anywhere” I already fear for the instruments on stage that Joe Zorzi will seek vengeance upon. I’m seriously expecting him to destroy a guitar, or at the very least light it on fire.

I’ve clung to “Tripping Over You” from the very first riff. The more and more I’ve listened and understood the lyrics, the more I have grown to appreciate the experience that must have led to the writing of this song.

So, when you get the chance, and it should be sooner rather than later, put the album Everything in Gold in your ears. You’ll be glad you did.

And to our friends Modern Chemistry – fucking congratulations, this is a tremendous album. To quote something Zorzi told me at a show once, “New Jersey just has the best shit.”

We agree.

Written by Cooper

Cooper is the photographer most likely to be responsible for any pictures of laundry machines or random speakers that turn up in a show gallery. He claims he’s “calibrating the camera” but I know he’s just trying to be an artsy douche.